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According to the wiki, some crops can be planted in the fall and grown over winter

However,, while trying to plant rye, turnips, or barley, the game will not let me plant them. However, the game will allow me to plant hemp. Is it still possible to overwinter crops, and do I need to wait for a different time to plant them for the overwintering process, or has this been removed?


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Wiki is not most accurate, sadly. (I’m not blaming anyone, I know I’m poor at updating it)

I rarely play farming types, so don’t have newest version yes/no to overwintering crops. One character that has farming plots, is now in Pearl month. I’ll get to late summer/fall eventually, to do some testing.


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Okay, upon additional testing using the character menu, broad beans seem to be the only plant that doesn't poof when the later months hit, but I'm not sure if this is representative of normal gameplay. It does seem odd that winter rye is no longer available.


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You can perform autumn planting, and it works with all crops I've tried.

The way it works is somewhat counter intuitive in that you plant it before it starts to wither (the time of which differs between different crops), and it may even be that the planting window closes a little before that. The crops then sprout and wither, but are revived next spring (at which time they can start to grow even before the snow is gone and the soil has thawed), but not before the time for the planting of that crop has been reached, so you almost never gain any time with a late planter like yarrow, but can gain a month for the early crops.

It's even the case that crops planted such that some of them can be harvested before it's too late and some just miss out (e.g. can be harvested in two weeks, withers in one) with regrow in spring (only the plants that weren't harvested, of course), although all regrowing crops start from scratch as if planted on the first eligible date.

Dago posted while I wrote the above. Broad beans have about the latest harvesting cutoff, which is why it's still available for planting, while rye is somewhat tricky in that it takes a long time to grow, so you need to make sure it's planted quite early to allow it to be replanted in autumn after harvest.