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when you complete the 'no man's land' task of advanced adventures it tells you that if you 'walk to the very border of the known map you can choose and randomize another region to continue playing in'. I thought this meant that if you walk or paddle to the edge of the world you could jump over to a fresh new world, but upon doing that it just says I dare not go any further.

does anyone know what the game is referring to when it says you can 'randomize another region'?


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That used to be true, you could walk to the edge of the map and then it'd rerandomise everything: new villages, new lakes -- I don't think there were rivers back then yet. You'd lose your settlement and anything you weren't personally carrying.

It hasn't been true for a long time; it was changed in 3.12 when the worldmap was expanded to be much bigger than it previously was. That was back in 2010.

sick trigger

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ah okay, thank you :)