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No, moving items over distance aggravates townsfolk.
Also they have "ESP" about stealing, it doesn't matter if anyone sees you. Most likely because you could pick up something out of sight, then walk up to a random person and 'pay for goods'. Somehow the NPC needs to the totality of what you 'have'.
But if I try to buy something - pick it up, go to pay for it to someone, and then change my mind, because it's not worth the price to me, I just drop it where I talked with NPC and nothing happens.

Also to not create a next thread, since this is kinda related - how far does information about murder travel? In my second game I was living mostly around one village, and went to their neighbours, stole something, and ran away. Since one sage was chasing me I killed him. Then I came back to the first village. After few hours two NPCs talked to me about murder, but nothing happened.
And the next day I went to third village who was even further away from that murder village, and then instantly some NPC told me their neighbours warned them and they attacked and killed me.


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It's not theft if you pick up something and drop it again before you leave the village. If you try to leave with goods it's theft even if nobody saw you enter the village, taking it, carrying it, and leaving with it.

I don't murder people (njerps and robbers not included) so I don't have any first hand experience, but at a minimum I'd expect every village linked by a road network would know about a killer, possibly all villages within the same culture "node", and possibly all villages of that culture, but probably not villages belonging to another culture.

I wouldn't expect iron age people to accept murder, at least not without a just cause, so if you commit murder you should probably exile yourself immediately to avoid the consequences.

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I have camp close to village, and noticed some dogs wandering there, stealing my food (they were probably from village(?)). So I decided to kill them.
Is there any way villagers can know about this and become hostile to me because of it? Or can I feel safe?

There is the possibility that the dogs belonged to a hunter or even a Njerp. I've caught dogs from both. They don't seem to care that their dogs are dead because they never come looking for them. Their dogs range very widely from their masters.


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They don't seem to care that their dogs are dead because they never come looking for them.

I have only had one experience with this but it was fairly enlightening so I'm gonna share it.  I saw a human shaped figure a few tiles away from my homestead on the wilderness map, so I figured I'd go investigate and see if if was someone who needed their ass kicked (a robber).  It was just Olli, a fellow Kaumo hunter, and his dog.  I left Olli and his dog to their own devices and returned to my homestead.  That night, I awoke to "strange noises", and discovered that a dog had found its way into my medium deadfall trap that I keep baited right outside my cabin and got itself a little banged up.  Assuming it belonged to Olli, I released it and went back to bed.  The same exact thing happened the next night, and again I released the dog and went back to bed.  After getting woken up for the third night in a row, I realized the dog didn't really want to live after all, as it had gotten itself injured three times in a row in the same trap over the same piece of spoiled meat.  I decided that my fine battleaxe would be a more humane end to his suffering than his chosen method of repeated blunt injury, and I also needed a set of dog fur mittens as they help when fighting bears, so it was a win/win really.

A few days later I left on a trip to another region to look for some seeds to help expand my farm.  When I returned two weeks later, a swarm of foreign traders had descended on my homestead.  They had nothing I was interested in purchasing, yet they insisted on hanging out for a few days and taking a good look around my place, taking special interest in my sauna which I was able to determine by hearing the door open and close about a hundred times over those few days.  During one of these evenings I was attempting to get some blacksmithing done amid the clamor of nonstop sauna door action when outside my window appeared a lone Kaumo hunter.  It was Olli, and Olli was pissed.

Being severely fatigued due to my smithing I was in no shape to fight, so I pulled out my axe and shield and backed into a corner, waiting for Olli to walk around to the front of the house and come in through the front door.  Instead, I heard sounds of fighting to the West.  Assuming Olli was out for blood and picked a fight with the first humans he laid eyes on, I thanked the gods for the chance to rest my fatigue away.  By the time I had finished resting, the sounds of fighting had quieted down.  It was pitch black outside, so rather than wandering around in the dark and feeling somewhat safe due to the sudden lack of activity, I went to bed, determined to scout around the next day and see if I could find Olli's body.  I was awoken by an uninjured Olli planting his axe in my hip.  Unable to stand, I managed to get a good enough swing at him from my bed to knock him on the ground, and then to finish him off with a solid hit to the neck.  Thoroughly confused by the situation, I crawled my crippled ass all around my cabin to the west where I had heard sounds of fighting, but never found a trace of the foreign traders.  Months later in the same save, I still have no idea what went down that night, but it damn sure made a hilarious memory.
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Damn, that's weird.
Also I killed even more dogs, and even sold dog meat to villagers, and they didn't care. I would guess Olli saw you killing his dog, but since he attacked you a few days later, and also attacked foreign traders (?), that's probably not the case. Maybe just a bug?