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so i installed the latest version for windows and got random crashes when saving and zooming between levels and entering new tiles. ive tried reinstalling multiple times but it still persists. anyone else?


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Does it crash back to desktop? Do you get crash report?
Has it worked before?
What folder is it installed in? Certain folders have odd user rights, I’d suggest installing in c:\URW\ to outrule rights issues.

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it crashs completely back into desktop. i can find any crash reports so im ive come here to see if im the only one


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 Did/do you have an older version that you were playing (and still works), what version was that?
What version is crashing?
I'm guessing windows 10?
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Dude, if you really want some assistance, you might want to be as descriptive as possible - communicating in "yes" and "no" isnt gonna get you very far. I am not a dev, but as far as I recall, there were some pretty detailed logs in the game dir, so you might wanna look them up, see if there is anything amiss and post any weirdness here for devs to have a look at.

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and where exactly would these logs be located? i havent found any new crash log files yet

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In there.