Topic: How much should I run during a hunt, and how make game go where I want.  (Read 3146 times)


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I have some hunting related questions.
1. Does someone know to what % of fatigue should I run, until I switch back to walking?
I didn't do any maths, but to me it seems, like you should run for as short as possible - the way to achieve highest average speed would be run one tile, walk until rested, repeat. Am I right?
2. Is there a good way, to prevent game from running into forest? Should I just run diagonally in the direction of forest? Maybe throwing rock to the left side of animal makes it run to the right?
3. To know in which direction should I "herd" my prey, to avoid forests better, I would have to look at the map. If I press enter during hunt, and then zoom back in to wilderness, will this have any negative effects? Like game getting extra turn, or a few?


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1. As little as possible, yes. I run when the game has accumulated visible amount of fatigue and stop as soon as I get it to run. The purpose of that is to keep the animal to run as much as possible while keeping yourself at as low a fatigue as possible. How much you can run without losing speed (which will affect walking speed as well when you stop running) heavily depends on encumbrance. With a high encumbrance (e.g. from very protective armor) you can lose speed in just 10 (2 meter) tiles.
2. Not really. If you can get in between the animal and the forest when you start your hunting you have a chance of getting it to run away from you, but they can take off in just about any direction.
3. Zooming in and out takes a lot of time. At a guess it's in the order of 5 minutes. but can easily be a lot more. You can see that if you try to do any of the area scanning quests in that you can't cover very much of the area in a day if you walk from tile to tile on the overmap and then zoom in and out on each tile (looking both ways when zoomed in).


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I haven't done the math, but if I'm over 20% fatigued I'll switched back to walking, but I'm always walking around overencumbered. A better way might be to look at what your normal walking speed is, maybe it's 5, and then when you run it's 10, so run until you slow down to 8 so that when you walk, your speed is down to 4, which isn't that much worse than 5.


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Most of my characters run very little.
Closing in on stunned small game hit with an arrow.
Flank a Njerpez fighting my dogs.
Spook big game to run if sneaking doesn’t seem feasible. (Animal seems alert or gets distance) (only early game when I don’t have dogs to do the running)

When spooking game, stop running as soon as it flees.
Stunned small game, stop running when next to it. Same with Njerp (sometimes turn early if masked by trees, then hide and take surprise swing/thrust.

Ara D.

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Your thinking Is correct find out how many tiles you can run before your speed drops. Run less than that so when you rest walk your not suffering any reduction in speed.

Do not zoom out when hunting as mentioned earlier it advances time. Also I have never had any luck spotting game again on the overland map. Even when hunting in large open mires.