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--- Quote from: redfish on February 12, 2021, 09:48:25 PM ---By the way on this, it would be nice if the player could just hold down a key, like SHIFT, to avoid the prompts from coming up... so it could be up to your discretion, rather than having to toggle the setting in the init file.

--- End quote ---

Implemented already! Hold down Space, and all the prompts on creatures entering your character's view are auto-answered ‘no’. An ultimate nerve-saver in cases like a bird flies around while you're performing some time-consuming task.

--- Quote from: redfish on February 12, 2021, 09:48:25 PM ---I don't "use" all the creatures either, but you know as a player that they're there because they're useful; my suggestion was just that not everything in the game world has to be useful, it can be there for flavor, too.

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I consider this as a matter of personal way to percept things. My own perception, say, differs from yours. As a player (and, well, as a man of zen philosophy), I know that they are there... and that's all :) . Without any ‘because’. So it's completely up to me, to decide how to treat a particular creature. And in the long run, there are as many ways to percept things as many there are players.

Of course, I've got my own i-want-this-to-be-more-realistic stuff too. Part of them is implementable via mods, and the rest is quite easy to just imagine while playing. My point now is that there should be balance between level of realism and amount of code required to provide such a level, in order for the game to be neither too simplified from the players' view (and imo UrW is not), nor too complicated to develop. Dev.plans list is big enough already, I guess :) .

Grand Sage:
Necroing this, because i had a few thoughts in regards to Samis reply.

I know a little coding, so I know that avoiding extra strain is a good thing. Even now i think there is a notable difference between beeing zoomed out and zoomed in when walking... but thats probably just the limitations of my PC.

One thing that could be done, which I actually think would be quite nice, is to add some semi-usefull animals. Right now, the smallest animals in the game are some birds and squirrles, Which actually give you a lot of usefull stuff (hides and feathers, meat and fat). But if your trying to survive, much smaller and more defenseless animals start to become interresting. So I think it could be good to maybe have some small things like frogs, mice or even insects, that would only provide minimal food, in the way that eggs do right now.

One way to reduce the strain from those, as inspired by Dwarf Fortress, is to have certain actions that trigger them. So for example you could turn over fallen logs, at which point insects, snails or even mice could run out from them. Like herbs, they wouldn't be worth the calories, but if you dont have any weapons, they might be a good activity to stop starvation for a while.

Just some thoughts off course, since i dont know exactly how the game handles animals.


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