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As title says, do Foreign Traders when they happen to stumble on your player home, still try to steal your shit from the ground? Am I going to have to murder this entire caravan for having entered my place?


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I’ve never had Traders enter my settlement, or even a campsite with shelter.
But if they do steal your stuff, then it’s only fair to reclaim the lost property... maybe with interest and subsidized for lost time too.  ;)
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Like JP_Finn, I've never had foreign traders enter my homestead, but Njerps and robbers have been seen to pick up stuff (I've even considered to place loot piles for them so they can load themselves down with loot in order to tire faster).

Visiting woodsmen, etc. haven't stolen anything, although it was some time (and thus versions) since I had any such encounter.

Tom H

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In my experience, building a fence around your settlement pretty much protects it from random visitors.

For instance, if you release a Companion within your fenced settlement, you pretty much have to guide him through a fence to get him to leave. Even though he will readily climb the fence when following you as your Companion, he seems to forget his climbing skill as an independent NPC.

If he has an ax, he will fell large trees you have incorporated into your fence, and then leave.

I've had wandering hunters and woodsmen stalk the area around my settlement for days, and even weeks, without ever crossing the fence. I've had foreign traders hover around my fence for several days before leaving the area, without ever crossing.

The only travelers that have ever willfully crossed my fence was when a band of 4 robbers attacked and made life interesting.

I guess the rule is, good fences make good neighbors, eh?


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Good fences work with good neighbors, and does nothing when it comes to the bad ones (both Njerps and robbers readily climb fences and pass through or disable visible traps).


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I had a foreign trader just walk right in my cabin and make himself at home one time. I didn't really mind until he decided to take over my sleeping bunk and my only pile of furs. Who would've guessed that a gentle prod with a spear would've dispatched him instantly? It wasn't on purpose, I swear!

Then I found the rest of his merry band a tile away on the other side of my trap fence and figured they were psychic since they turned on me instantly even though there was no one around to witness what had happened back at my homestead. Maybe they'd gotten into some bad mushrooms or something. Now that I think about it, them going mad is probably why the poor fellow decided to move in with me.

Anywho, I never noticed him stealing from me the short time he was around.