Topic: [Not a bug] Spoiled smoke meat mid stacks  (Read 1453 times)


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So here is Tuuka picking up finally smoked elk

And in the middle of the piles is a spoiled... then a few more

And this is the day they were ready. Showing not stale but spoiled.

I could see a slim chance that the bottom ones are from an earlier animal but I dont think thats the order that would display in and this spot is checked alot.

That mid list one though is clearly going to be from the same cook sets of 50, finally one was ~25. No smoke 1 cut was done.

Also note related to big animal dehair issue Im finding in the other bug thread. Same character and same animal


Could be that I messed up:

= a fire starting cycle but unlikely

= I changed out a door for a wall which took a while and a sleep cycle due to fatigue (forgot to log the trunks before dismantling the door)
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Sounds like it's just the new smoking mechanics. If your fire stoking is insufficient some of the meat will become spoiled rather than come out as a worse quality.


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yep, this might not be a bug just the new game mechanic confusing an old hand