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« on: December 22, 2020, 08:58:40 PM »
Having a wierd thing

I made a shelter at a ford a little bit back from the land

When I travel there by punt I can zoom in

It puts me at the shelter which is ~ 12 tiles from the shore

There is a message that I can't zoom out

It appears we forgot to block the zoom in at fords and it needs it

So far the punt far from land has been empty. If it was a heavy load of trees it would be horrendous to drag it all to the water's edge.


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I dismantled the old shelter and built a new one. Zoom in still drops me at the old shelter site not the new one.

I left the the area last time by paddling up the river.

I can't zoom out... its weird.

Maybe if you build a shelter on a ford you get the option to zoom in that wasn't expected


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Further to fords and zoom

Day 7 of the 11th week before midwinter

Partial ice

The ice around shores is a few tiles thick but not fully spanning a river.

Getting in the punt and zooming out I punted over to a ford.

Zooming in Tuukka appears on a small rock in the ford. The ice is there X tiles deep around it.

I can not zoom the map out.

The ice will not bear his weight.
The ice prevents punt usage.
Character is likely to get icy cold to get out of this place that he poofed into.

Seems we should block zoom in on fords due to the wide variation of whether it is land or water or ice local tiles.

Basically like we stop people zoming in/out near a shore the ford could have the shore anywhere. ive even seen one ford with a 1 tile land bridge fully spanning the river.


edit: Tuukka used the Drink command, break ice, to bash a series of holes then paddle the punt to shore.

Recommend: disallow zoom in/out at fords too many irregular behaviors that could be major problems or deadly

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« Reply #3 on: January 18, 2021, 12:16:08 AM »
The issue here might be 2-fold. Traveling on land to ford, during ice, allows you to zoom out on the land portion of the water tile.
Last zoom-out location is stored in the zoommaps. Re-entering that tile on water, will place the character on the last 'zoom out' spot. Ice weakening, the game doesn't let you exit the tile on land portion of the water tile. (same as with lake&sea shore, river banks)
Zooming out, on water while on watercraft, or during reliable ice should save the zoom out spot on to the zoommaps.

Of course, it could be error/corruption on the zoommaps, not updating the exit spot. (it won't save the exit if you walk over to adjacent tile and zoom-out there)