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So, i've finally managed to meet with the king.

he told me something in the style of "you are free to roam my forest but always remember you're a guest in my realm"

does that mean we're good now? he's my bro again? and could i later re-do the ritual and talk to him again?

also, i did not actually talk to him at all, is it ok to do that? or do i just let him walk away? he came, said one thing, then left. i expected him to start talking to me or something. the quest that came with it did get completed, so i assume it's all good, right?

any sages here who know what this all means?

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That’s positive side of neutral. You shouldn’t have issues finding or trapping game. Neither are you getting bonus on spotting/bumping in/trapping.

Other options(not all) “gates are closed” I.e. animal frequency reduced.
To favorable /welcome in the forest message to; head this way as I have an animal species X for you there.


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I've never tried talking to the spirits, as the advice given by the quest givers is to let the spirits do the talking.

And yes, you can summon him again (goes for the other spirits as well).


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Tuukka got:

“May your tracking be successful, your traps bountiful and your arrows accurate!”

That was on my second attempt a meeting. This was months into play. The general sacrifice and no-psycho nature my status was much better.

I suppose if you had a bad result then after months of general sacrifice and niceness you could summon again. Wonder if that would reset the bad status?


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As far as I know, summoning the old man does not alter the standing with him. I’ven’t pushed back to back ‘meetings’ to verify if the meetings affect the standing. If trying to summon too soon after meeting, the old man simply won’t show up.

Racking ‘negative’ interactions, then summoning, the response tends to be “gates are closed”, even with 5+ Sacrifices /week.
Decreasing of healing requests from sages, halting tree cutting, easing off setting/resetting traps and killing game, even with regular frequent sacrifices seem to give neutral/positive ‘report’

I’ve tried to Chat with him. But didn’t get a reaction; after the old man spoke and turned to leave. I’ve never tried to talk first. Guess that’s a future test with savescumming.