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Midwinter of my first year. The ice was slow to freeze as the temperature rose and fell. That was lucky for me, as I found a drowned bear, boar, and adventurer over a month period. But everything is frozen hard now and the snow is about calf-deep. I went looking for another adventurer's shelter and heirloom trident and was able to trap and kill the bear that had mauled him. I'm hoping to spend the rest of the winter trapping foxes and other fur-bearing animals.

Ara D.

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Spotted a wolf pack on the outskirts of a Reemi pasture dug a trap pit. I hired a hunter to watch my back. When we returned to the trap the other members of the pack attacked him nearly bit is neck in half first attack. Oddly the pack didn't come after me. I attacked the trapped wolf knowing that it's mates would come I a quickly backed into a tree thicket so they couldn't attack from behind. After a few attacks the pack scattered. I built a dead fall trap near by, and reset the pit trap with fresh *cough* meat. Over the next few days by my hands, hounds, or traps I took 6 wolves one attacked and killed a villager, they killed that one, for a total of 7 I think that is all of that pack

Tom H

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Having buggered my first guy that lasted through a few winters (Thank you, Father Winter, farewell, Wotan), I've got a new guy!

Acquired the flu in week one. Fortunately, I rushed to a village sage and the damage cleared soon. I, a Kaumo, apparently had a father (Unfortunate Hunting Trip) who was a Drik, so the crossbow I salvaged from his body is, of course, useless to But, it did trade well for a Fine Longbow and a few other items! Now, I ask myself, why am I armed with a sakramaski knife? Maybe my mother was from the Seal tribe...heh.

I got a Wounded guy quest (gave him his daddy's axe, which I didn't have at the time...yeah), found the bear and backtracked it to the campsite. Set a heavy deadfall with a spoiled roach and bagged the nasty bear the next day! Woohoo! Fine bear skin! I've bagged two more bears, an elk and two reindeer pretty quickly, mostly in time to dry the meat (Springtime start).

 Own two dogs and have just entered the wet season. I'm presently nursing a 30% damage broadhead arrow to the abdomen. I'm sure it's a good omen...hehe


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I have made pot!!!!

- Novrus

My stalwart inspiration for a self assigned creative writing has finally  made a cooking pot! Along the way he had to travel from his homeland, work for seeds, make fields, build traps, stockpile materials before the ice, make a house, harvest crops, make a smithy, build tools and now he has made a pot!

Wooo! About a 6 month journey to get here.

FYI the journal is long which I hope you will enjoy. I started a  little over 2 weeks ago and it has surpassed 30,000 words.


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Long time no see! Was once a regular on the old forums in the 3.14-ish days, came back to the game after a couple years apart, and wow, there've been a lot of changes.

Just started up a new game to ease myself back. I'm really liking the new quests system, it saved my guy from starvation (lugged a lot of firewood back and just raided all their smoked meats.) :) Getting to work making a smoking shack, fields, and eventual pit-trap line. One day I'll get hardcore enough to do a completely self-sufficient character, but only once I've finished getting comfortable with the new additions.

Ara D.

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Well I did something foolish but it paid off. I'm up around owl country exploring and looking for a likely trout stream when I see a nine member wolf pack. Normally I set some traps to deal with such things but it's been several days since my last hunt and I have no bait. So I leash my dogs load my fine heavy Xbow with a fine broadhead. I pat my master work battle axe knowing she's going to be needed  soon. If I can kill one and get out I'll have the bait I need. Early on I take a nasty bite to my belly, but i chant an incantation and stop my blood loss and mange to kill two wolves. Now a smart man would thank the gods and run but I'm just some dumb kamo kid who's got his blood up now. So I zoom out see the pack a tile away. Other than that bite I came out ok. I've killed two injured several more and feathered one badly in the leg. So I say why not go another round. Same tactics close rage shot then battle axe. I kill a few more. Go another couple rounds end up taking down 8 of the 9 last one high tailed it into a forest where I lost it's tracks. Then on the way back to camp I ran into a bull elk. I'll be busy for a bit, hope the weather stays cold.


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I'm back to URW for the past couple of weeks, after having taken a hiatus of more than a year. I'm currently weighing up moving my home base, even after having built a small cabin (my smoking house). I'm currently on a four tile island, with my home site in one corner and a farming site on another corner, both with ice-free access year round, while also not being accessible over ice from the mainland. That's my preferred kind of home site. There's another site half-a-day away which is three small islands with ice-free access next to each other, and I may move there. Ideally I'd have two one-tile islands like that, one for my home site and one for my fields (smaller islands attract fewer animal visitors, and I don't want animal visitors to my fields), but that has proven elusive. Maybe I'll do some more scouting; there is still time before I need to commit to one home site for winter. Or I could try something I've never done, not only play a nomad over the winter but a nomad travelling by watercraft, which is likely to be really challenging but I'm not sure if it would be much fun (long-distance travelling by watercraft when most water is frozen over can be very tedious).

The trap fence I set up for the Advanced Adventures course is rather unsuccessful, with only two elk caught after about a month in action, and one of those was only caught after I chased an elk into the fence (a very successful strategy I highly recommend, and closer to how trap-fences were and are actually used). After the changes to animal spawning ~2 years ago, trap fences need more thought, and I rushed into this one even though I had misgivings about this site I built it anyway. That'll teach me. My other possible home-site is further away from this trap fence, so I'll probably just break it down (or just trigger the traps and abandon it) and maybe not build a new one. My main meat source is seal, and I get enough of them to not need any more meat. I've already stopped setting out my nets except when I specifically want fresh food.

 I must admit one of the factors keeping me in my current home site is the fact that it is in an area called 'Sword Strait', and that's just cool  8)


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Well, three stupid deaths in (never ignore how cold winter gets folks), and I get this cheerful trap line scene.

Guess I won't have to worry about food for a long time! I'm busy using all the bones to make arrows and practice my archery -- running a modified version of BAC's self-sufficiency compilation, which suits me fine.

Once winter ends, I'll plant the little field I have set up, finish up my cabin, and I'm thinking of establishing a fishing camp to the far northwest of my current camp. Then, perhaps I'll do the advanced course just to force myself to move out of this comfortable Driik land.


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Today I fought my first njerp warrior.

I encountered him while transferring items from a logging outpost to a site I planned on building a permanent house. Luckily I was prepared. I had my longbow equipped and broadhead arrows ready. My 2 trust dogs leashed by my side named "pup pup" and "cutie". I immediately unleashed them and ordered to attack. Pup pup dashed towards the warrior, and cutie barked in dismay and refused to attack. My only choice was to fire upon the warrior. My first shot was lucky, piercing his hand and causing him to fall. Pup pup was on him and bit him with ferocity. Pup pup was brave. The warrior took his broadsword and swung it true at poor pup pup killing him instantly. I shot again despite my agony, and the arrow pierced his abdomen, falling him again. My lucky shots and the bravery of pup pup's sacrifice allowed me then to slowly approach the felled wounded warrior and slit his throat. I mourned pup pup. But being the pragmatist that I am, I butchered him to allow more food supply for cutie. Rest in peace Pup pup. I'm sorry.


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(On a daily routine training in my danger room)
arggghh MY BALLS!! That hurts! Deer,  Don't ever kick it.
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As a new player, new to urw that is, I made some rookie mistakes. First was not reading anything much before I started.

Just seeing permadeath and wilderness survival was enough to hook me. I started as an Islander as they sounded interesting and fit my mood at the time, and I started in the home culture as that sounds as if it might make life easier to learn. I started with the Unreal World as that sounded most like a tutorial.

I found what looked like a good site to start, on the banks of a lake with lots of conifer trees around and some heathland nearby with other trees. I quickly learnt to collect firewood, built a shelter and learnt to fish. I tried to do anything I could using skills lists, I made a cup and bowl and some planks and as my fishing skill increased I built a cellar for food storage, nothing I made was very good quality as I only had poor tools to use and was getting fed up with eating fish so I spent a few days exploring where I lived, it was moving into summer and ice was melting when I found I had chosen to live on a small island, the lake I had been using as a water source was in fact sea water, the only other fauna on the island was a grouse who could spot me hiding from 20 squares away, even the javelins I had made fell short if I could throw them straight. I did spot a village at the limit of my sight once, on the far side of an ever widening sea, but until I find a way to make ropes I might be stuck here until winter, eating fish and drinking sea water.

Dungeon Smash

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LOL @ the reindeer raking your balls.... ouch!! Hahaha

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Went out hunting... ran into a njerp a few tiles away from my settlement. Now I can't walk. How fun.

(On the plus side, I thought I was a goner with how badly that fight was going, so yay for being alive?)


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The worst thing that happened to my settlement was on my latest character , one that isnt dead yet , it was summer i was a lonely settler near kuikka tribe grounds , i found a river next to the sea. finished my fathers cottages as a hunting camp and made a house near the river 5 squares away in traveling map.

After planting , hunting until my cellar was full , for a few years , i had 4 sheeps 4 pigs 2 bulls 4 cows and 6 dogs.
One day i was coming back from skinning an elk in my trap fence , and i saw a bear heading straight for the bulls.
i was wearing only a linen shirt , linen trousers , mittens and boots.
The bear kicked in the damn fence , killed the bull , i ran inside my home to get my masterwork northern bow , came out and shot at it.
I sadly missed.

The bear rushed at me , i dodged. luckily i was near my dogs pen , 2 squares away. I kicked it in and they didn't even budge exept 1 heroic small female dog named Jade. Me and jade fought the bear , i shot it in the head , and before running away he completly tore apart my right arm.
The brave little dog chased the bear away from my sight , and finished it by itself. The dog was renamed Jade The Bear Slayer.

Sadly , the story is not over. My hunting camp at the time was feeding me wolves. When i processed the bear , which was a very awfully long process with 1 arm, i put the meat and skin on the remaining bulls and cows i had. Arriving at my hunting camp where my smoker was , i processed to smoke without closing the door. Next thing you know i hear some damn stumbling in the south... 2 wolves killing my cows and bulls ... i closed the door and hid and waited for them to leave but they did not. So i did what a man should do , i put one of the cows body outside and they fed on it and ran.
I managed to process the rest of the sad meat , that spoiled halfway trought.

Jade The Bear Slayer died 2 years later , when my war campaign agaisnt the njerp started. She fought with honor and skill for such a small pup.
Her body was burned with the rest of the wariors, as i don't skin and eat such pets.

Tom H

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I'm on a long trek, trading far down south. A village has the wounded hunter quest. It's about the easiest one, so, I took it. I found a blood trail quickly and was searching the woods nearby. Saw bear tracks leading NE. Of course, the bear popped out of a copse of woods right behind me and immediately I was hit for 24% injury, a bear hug crushed my abdomen! With the load I was carrying, my malus was over 40%, but, fortunately, thereafter he spent most of his time trying to hit my dog, Racer. In the end, the bear died, Racer wasn't even scratched. But I was wounded and bleeding. I carry bandages and managed to stop the bleeding, get back to the village, return the hunter's spear, and find a Sage. That SHOULD end the story...

I'm heading home but still very far away. I dress the wound daily. It's been over a week. So, I start a new day, dress the wound, and start skiing. A bit later I notice that I'm bleeding profusely (in fact, I passed out). My last dressing had RE-started the bleeding and I had not noticed until it almost killed me!

So, I bandage again and stop the bleeding. My blood loss was huge. I start hurriedly trekking again, looking for a village to layover in. At some point, I realized I was NOT skiing. When I passed out from the blood loss, apparently I had dropped the Northern spear I was wielding! So, that's lost.

I did make it home. My wound is down from severe now but the blood loss is still bad. Cool as hell... ;)