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Anthony Fruend

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Right now I'm creating a third cabin, this one on the ocean coast on the coast, and have my main 6x5 cabin way inland, with waystation along the way.

Once it all thaws I'm going to find more places to trade via punt.

Happy Gaming!

To any interested, this is my home base. It has stacked appliances in the NW corner, as described in the happenings :D
Each cellar door has a corresponding Inside door, dual/triple cellars so much easier to sort out and organize.

And yes, my pet pig, he makes the bacon, foxes are notorious pork eaters :D

I even have an unfinished 'Clay Pit' acting as a land fill for my leaky-ware pottery:D

And just now got in trouble, had to stop at a waystation as mentioned above

If I could 'add' 4 wheels I could name it 4Door_Autohaus

I'm playing on a omgwaytooeasy setting, it's because I'm so old and want to experience as much as possible before I die:D


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Same whisper every night: "If You Hoard & Build it, They Will Come".

Finally decided to go with it; hoarded all lynx fur I could find & afford, and built a central cabin. They are coming all right! Need more lynx fur, fast.

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This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.


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I never thought grabbing skillpoints for knife would save my life against a bear and her cub... I mutilated both of them without being hit ((Thx god)) using a broad knife....I feel like chuck norris


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A blessed hunting session
As a newish character, having just killed an elk & traded some of the roasted meat for preserved ones and the rest for a fishing net, I am content...

I leave the village and find a forest reindeer herd, I aim for the biggest one, both javelins hit making this a very easy kill shortly after. Carcass processing begins...

Then a glutton shows up, attacks another reindeer just half-screen away, hurts it, knocks it unconscious - it is hurting and naturally my heart bleeds. I approach & put it out of its misery, move the new reindeer carcass next to the old one and skin/meat processing resumes...

Then I get interrupted by a lynx, clearly after some food but every time it gets close enough to spot me it just runs away - I ignore it & keep processing the carcasses...

In this very busy part of the forest, next visitor is a calf which clearly misses the two former members of the group and wants to join them. Poor thing, lacking the ability to speak, communicates its intention by standing literally next to me and who am I to say no? A kick later, it joins them happily having its wish granted...

Processing of the two and a half carcasses resume and I keep an eye for the next visitor, surprising nobody else showed up. Now I have a long way ahead to roast the 297 forest reindeer cuts, preserve skins, trade roasted meat before it spoils and so on.

When I am at the nearest village, I will leave a 5 star review for this hunting spot!

Edit: Here is the link to the video for the hunt (with a time jump to the relevant moment):
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This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.