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Started a new character. Teppo Reemiläinen. Big guy, 223lbs. Trying to play him as home/border guard. Killed 2 Njerpez. Got decent condition (15lbs) mail habergeon. And traded for fine broadsword. Visiting a local village, there was wounded adventurer. “Find his lost handaxe in coniferous bordering heath”. Sure.
But darn, bumped into an very angry small female bear.
Managed to kill it. Barely. Took 81% damage in the battle. BOTH elbows with grievous wounds*. Luckily have some loot to sell for food. Couldn’t skin not butcher the mere 250lbs bear gal.

*Couldn’t angle, but could keep flopping the sword with those injuries. Strange mechanic. Other injuries were minor tear on thorax, minor tear on abdomen and fracture on left shin.


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Tuukka has been over on the long paddle east. I like to send people to the inner lake via the bay between Reemi and Nerjpez.

Wonderful looking river. Several rapids flowing so never freezes. Graceful swan as a sign of the spirit's blessings.

Place is name "Horses bottom"

What more could you ask for.


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A whole pack of wolfs, that's what's happening. On my bloody own settlement. With one of them getting stuck on a pit trap, so the pack wasn't leaving. Luckily the log cabin was complete, thus I had an enclosed space, so I managed to slowly kill them one by one, but not before one of them managed to nearly bite my arm off, preventing me from using bow and arrows, so I had to wait until they got just close enough and throw a javelin through the shutters. And make more javelins. And drag the dead wolfs inside, skin, butcher and start to smoke the damn thing, because this siege is taking literal days.

Finally managed to kill them all, costing me one seal fur that was in the middle of tanning outside when the wolves arrived and rotted, a bunch of bandages, plus some arrows that I couldn't recover. 7 dead wolves, 6 skinned and 1 rotted, 1 finally decided to actually flee instead of hanging around it's dead comrade corpse after I drug the rotting corpse inside and threw it inside the fireplace.


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Tuukka found a cliff with adjoining mires!


Rusty mushy mire!

Now to bring over  a reindeer to load with bog ore! Wooot woot!


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Took nearly 2 weeks to find a tiny island to get to meet the Waterman. Sheesh. Southern coast between Driik and Reemi. No rivers, nor rapids. The 2m x2m island is in corner of heathland towards lake.. oh well, finally found the spot. We’ll see if the spot works.

(OTOH 1 tile islands within pine mire nor open mire puddles, do not seem to work as summoning spots for Waterman)


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First post. Been playing quite a bit over the Christmas break after buying it. I played the free version a while back but wanted to play again, so I bought it.

I re rolled many characters with the "there be robbers" start. I eventually succeeded in using my handaxe to sneak attack nearly all of the attackers and was rewarded with a big pile of gear.  I finally got a dog and was able to hunt two pairs of elk and calf, then later 5 reindeer in one go. I found 3-4 to be a reasonable max, even though I only lost 21 cuts of meat and two hides went "harsh". That was a tanning and meat smoking marathon for days to keep everything from spoiling. Big game hunting is the highlight so far. The payoff is great. Fall is starting to close in. My cabin is built, I'd like to finish my sauna, but fall harvesting is keeping me too busy. I'm at lower hunting capacity since two of my dogs were seriously wounded taking down an elk, they killed it, but took some damage that is taking a while to heal. Fortunately, my one big dog just healed and is ready to go. It seems like the big dog is more likely to tangle with game than the smaller two, but maybe it's coincidence. At any rate, I've played from an early spring start to now being within 2 weeks of winter season. One thing I've noticed about smoking is using a slender tree trunk and a few branches seems to get good results. It's possible that it's due to my increasing cooking skill, but using a slender tree trunk (50 lbs) kept my 540 reindeer cuts at only 40 "bland" compared to about half when I used several firewood instead. Went on a short hunting trip with a hired hand and got a small elk. Another 160 lbs  to smoke.

I started a new character in a totally different part of the map. I chose the "not all who wander" start and started with a Kaumo spear and a sow, among other things. I was able to track and kill an elk pretty early on. I drove it onto a frozen lake and then snuck close enough to land a javelin in its shoulder. I chased it back toward the forest, sow in tow when it was wounded and exhausted.  I decided to build a cabin wall section to start drying while it was still cold. It took a bit too long and I ended up with stale meat. I hope the dried meat is just "bland" and not worse by the end, we'll see. I'm going to keep exploring until I find a village with a dog to sell, then I'll slaughter the sow and trade the meat for a dog and supplies. It's a fun start, but I feel like I need to make things a bit more challenging. The "all who wander" start is fairly easy, given the extra gear and animal. I imagine a cow or dog start would be even easier, as my sow is just meat.


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Sounds like you’re making do in URW @Kels.

For future nomadic drying, build a shelter, and set the meat dry on the outside of the shelter. Very quick. Also, I like to mark the F6 map with blue marker “animal X drying, 3/7th pre-summer”  the weeks count down, days count forwards.


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Sounds like you’re making do in URW @Kels.

For future nomadic drying, build a shelter, and set the meat dry on the outside of the shelter. Very quick. Also, I like to mark the F6 map with blue marker “animal X drying, 3/7th pre-summer”  the weeks count down, days count forwards.

Thanks. I thought it had to be a wooden structure. That probably would've saved some meat. Ah well, next time. Will be very helpful if I kill a couple of animals far from home in the winter.


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You can also hang fish and meat dry on inside and outside of cave walls.
But those aren’t that common south of Tribes’ areas. Even when playing Kuikka-tribe, I still build shelter very close to the kill. Usually within couple hundred meters/yards from water source (up north, that’s likely pine or open mire).


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I forgot that the summoning Waterfolk spell requires rock or skerry. Duh. Wandering most of southern coast in search of a watery rock.... and I doubt the watery tart will even lob a sword to me. Maybe the moist bint will make me into king of North instead?
Search continues


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Hahaaah! Found ford with multiple suitable rocks, Old Man came swimming by calmly then dove underwater.

Expenses of the quest:
Several dozen cuts of smoked elk, supplanted with some squirrels, hare and grouses harvested.
6 Fine arrows (for a needy hunter... who already had long bow, 6 broad heads, 4 blunts and 11 regular arrows)
2 javelins (thrown at Njerpez who tried to use them to stab Teppo, but got blocked with a shield)
2 badger furs, 6 squirrel furs, Arctic fox fur and 3 fox furs.

Gains from the questing journey:
4 Njerpez killed, excess property used to purchase fine spectacle helmet, MW juniper bow, 2 nets, additional pot, long mail cowl, 18 dried salmons, perfect fishing rod, fine knife, silver chain bracelet and surplus Njerpez Scimitar, woodsman’s axe, 2 hand axes and broad knife.
2 spells: Rod fisherman’s sacrifice and Fisherman’s Springtime sacrifice.

Now... both of the fishermen’s spells call for using the first caught fish during open water... what if Teppo only gets one?  :-\
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Went to check traps in the Northeast trail, approaching the short trap line, bumped into a female bear. Before Teppo could leash Ella, the feisty little dog decided to go for frontal assault against 270lbs bear. Ella failed to dodge the initial maiming and fell unconscious, Teppo running in closer, only to see the female bear break Ella’s neck. Lobbed 2 javelins in the bear, hitting thorax and abdomen, latter seriously bleeding. Blocked the bears attempts of maiming and biting, while cutting at it’s body and head. The beast went down. Teppo hauled his extra weight back to the cabin, then back to pick up the bear. The fur turned out decent and 168lbs meat smoked.

Next up was trek to get some salt from the coast and get a dog or two. Travel west to Driik was uneventful, gathering some burdock, lakereeds, bearpipes and nettles at overnight stops. Teppo found few villages, bought fine mail mittens, bag of salt, small knife, large female dog and small male. Homeward journey was uneventful too.

In essence, something is going to go wrong soon.
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Saw some suspicious movement pretty close to the cabin. Just 800-1000meters away on the far edge on the pine mire. Waited till early morning and sure enough, heard some singing about robbing people. Ah. Not in my neck of woods. Walked over to the nearby Reemi village that has 4 hunters. Asked Kaleva, Sampsa, Heimo and Olli to join for some “chores”. Heimo and Olli both carry longbows, so I gave 3 javelins each to Kaleva and Sampsa, so there’d be proper opening salvo and less friendly fire.
Met the four robbers, two armed with short bows and other two armed with double hand axes. on the pine mire, initial arrows hit the first robber, who was carrying short bow. The crook never got a chance to shoot his bow as Kaleva’s javelin hit hit him square in the chest, killing him. The other bandit archer was ushered in by Teppo’s 2 dogs to keep him from shooting in the melee. Heimo got hit in his left shoulder by one of the bandit’s axes. But he stood stern and swung his staff, knocking the bandit on his knees.
Elsa the big bitch knocked the archer down and pummeled him instantly while down. The bandit fell unconscious and Nappi, the small male, was on his throat like an enraged glutton.
Ganging up 5+2 vs 2 was over brief, but last live bandit managed to cut Teppo on his calf from the ground as last desperate attempt. He took woodsman axe hit to his abdomen from Olli and Teppo all but severed the bandit’s head.

Picked up the loot, walked the boys back to their village, gave knives axes and some better condition garments as payment for the brief, yet gory, work all done before midday high sun.

All the men from the village were expecting a longer employment, but were very thankful for generous pay.


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Saw another Njerpez while returning from NW trap line. He was armed with spear and club. No knife. Bastard must’ve been starving. As he saw Teppo moving through the pines at steady speed, well armored and armed*, he decided to turn face and try to run. Teppo lobbed his 1st javelin, hit him in the thigh. Swearing, the armored invader wielded his spear and turned to duel the savage local.
Teppo released Elsa (Nappi is still sequestered at the homestead with 6 serious wounds...), lobbed another javelin, hit him in thorax, solid hit, but only a minor wound due the lamellar hauberk he wore. Elsa, circled to the warriors left flank, while Teppo skirted left, to approach the invaders right flank. The Big Bitch (of Njerpez Doomsday) got to the warrior first, bit him in the hand, the spear falling down.
The warrior wielded his club and took a swing at the ferocious dog, Elsa dodging the mediocre attempt easily. Elsa charged again, but it ended in both of them fumbling. Teppo running in, saw a chance and went for low slash and cut the warrior in the calf. The warrior turned to face Teppo now, just for Elsa to bite him in the elbow, left, so the club was held on firmly. Teppo took a swing at the invader’s head, but swung low and hit his shoulder. The sturdy armor deflected the sword with ease. Elsa bit the warrior in knee and the warrior recoiled to face the gnarling dog again. Teppo had his chance to end the fight (hiding in multi-combatant melee is OP), took a breath, went for full swing at the opponents fur hood covered head; hit him HARD in the side of his face, killing him standing right there.
Looting the invaders still warm remains, Teppo was elated to find that the lamellar hauberk was near pristine, weighing 32lbs. Much better condition than his 15lbs mail habergeon. While the hauberk covers thighs, it’s sadly sleeveless and leaves upper arms somewhat exposed.
Well, better to have functional legs, to run away, if things go sour.

*for trapping runs he takes the 15lbs mail habergeon off and dons leather cuirass. While keeping the fine spectacle helm, long mail cowl, leather shin and arm guards, fine leather boots and fine mail mittens. Teppo sleeps with his broad knife and fine broadsword, also usually grab 3 javelins, sometimes shield, and if going against group of robbers or war camp, his masterwork spear or alternatively bow and 2 dozen arrows)

FWIW, sword skill is 84%, spear 75% and bow meager 37%.

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This morning, I slipped and fell on the ice, bruised my knee, and broke my phone screen. This was after several minutes of wandering lost-ish in the cold.

Then my URW character fell out of a tree. Now she has to crawl through the snow, and she's woefully underdressed for the weather. Suddenly, my morning doesn't seem so bad.

Thankfully, I finished my cabin in time for winter, though I think I've angered the forest spirits with all my tree-chopping. I've seen almost no wildlife for months, besides a brief period of bird migration. My traps are empty. Food isn't a problem (I catch plenty of fish), but clothing... now that Dead month is here, my linen trousers, woolen undershirt, and birch-bark shoes and cap aren't nearly sufficient.

I wonder if it'd be worth using part of my shirt to make a pair of mittens (I have Rain's clothing mod). Though apparently I'm unable to do that while injured. Oh well. For now, I guess I'll hunker down, keep fishing, and sacrifice herbs daily hoping to appease the spirits.

EDIT: Trapped a squirrel just after posting this. Fancy that! Between that and the hare furs I recently bought, I can finally make myself some mittens!
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