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I'm bringing a classic back because I almost burn myself to death today. I was burning a field for herbs and walked near the fires while carrying the stakes to make the fence, the stakes caught fire under me... I was too fatigued to move and I panicked IRL for a few seconds until I tried to zoom out. That worked and saved my character.

Now my arm is useless and I can't prepare the soil I was burning or complete the fence...  :-\

Labtop 215:
Not much at the moment.  I'm training my carpentry skills by making paddles from boards so that I can eventually start making my own arrows.  Mostly to not waste the feathers I get.  I may not have to make my own arrows though, if these robbers keep showing up to give me hand-axes instead.

I'm not really playing as of lately(because of school), but on my last character i made a fence trap where there was some 10 reindeer, 3 days later came back to check and they were all trapped lol. It took me more than a month in game to process all the stuff...

Got a Tablet computer recently. My now 5 year old laptop has issues running the newer Unreal via steam. It was one of the signs the laptop needs replacement. Long story short rather then get a new laptop I went with a Tablet as the current mobile computing platform.

Unreal world on a Win10 Tablet working fine through steam. Restarting using mods Boudia's (an update on Rain's) and my own (Added items).

Story line is a young Driik starting in winter. Pre-start  you were needed in the fall to help with the harvest. Now in winter it is you adult year. (that much could be for any culture). Winter for a while near home (villages close to your start position) to build up gear, tools and skis and/or water craft. Then travel to far and distant land to find and make a stead. If you travel when there is snow you can ski and have more spring time for planting crops. IF you wait for spring you can water travel instead but can probably only harvest turnips in your first gardens.

With the mod the young Driik will become a smith those nearby. This being my 'young smith' challenge. I prefer to aim for the large inland lake the maps generate to be south of the Owl, north of 2-3 other cultures and you can use the rivers to raid the Nerjpez.

Right now the new character made enough home crafts to get a shovel. An important part for agriculture, clay work and ironworking.

My current character has set out on a pilgrimage of sorts, with the goal to visit all cultures and do quests for each (travelling light - not a shopping run). I try to avoid settling down as that usually takes away much of the excitement for me, but I will take note of interesting places and perhaps come back to settle down. I set some limitations to keep myself from getting rich too soon and role playing reasons:

No stealing or borrowing and must pay for staying in villages overnight
No selling raw or simply cooked meat (must be dried or smoked)
No smoking meat in villages (gotta find a cave or build my own house)
No wasteful hunting just for the furs knowing tons of meat get spoiled solely for monetary gain
Bunch of role playing stuff such as keeping the room heated when smoking meat, finishing animals off quickly etc

Will be updated as I go. Started in spring and currently using the last few weeks of winter to dry some meat to munch on and trade with. Got unlucky with the 'Not all who wander are lost' scenario (I mean on top of the bad fortune of living through that scenario) as all of my father's equipment had burned. Next short term goal will be getting an axe and may have to get by with a stone axe for a while because the area I started in (deliberately) seems rather poor.


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