Topic: [Mod Idea] Selling captured Njerpez  (Read 3235 times)

White Hair

« on: August 03, 2020, 11:12:32 PM »
Just thought this might make for a higher risk and higher reward alternative to outright killing Njerpez, especially since slavery exists in Unreal World (although not mechanically). The player would have to knock them out and restrain them. As for restraining, the player could use rope and it would take an allotted amount of time to do so. During this period, the Njerpez might wake up and attempt to flee or attack you. Even if you restrain them, they may succumb to their wounds if not patched up quickly enough. Upon successfully capturing the Njerpez, it would become an entity like an animal companion. This would allow them to be leashed, require food, have their own carry capacity, and have a value to be sold for at villages (or possibly foreign traders). Their value could be static or could vary depending on their stats, like with animals.
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