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Since playing URW, I've gotten more and more into watching bushcraft/survival videos. It's really gold for city guys like me, never having experienced the outdoors.

This guy in particular comes very close to URW feeling:

Rune Malte Bertram-Nielsen (danish bushcrafter, blacksmith, green wood worker.. also some Sami-related stuff shown):

Example video:

Other youtubers I follow:

- The Wooded Beardsman (surviving with only wild foods without losing weight, Canada):
- TA Outdoors (bushcraft, wood buildings, some fishing/hunting, UK):
- My Self Reliance (cabin building and off-grid living, Canada):


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Brygun of the BAC here,

Some more for consideration:

Far North Bushcraft and Survival:
If he and his wife can survive Alaska Winter the rest of us will be okay

Corporal's Corner:
Former military showing modern ideas


Noah Bradley making modern log homes

Hiker in Estonia
Modern lady going on hikes


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Amazing videos by koteko and Brygun. Let me add some aspects:

Fresh water

As I see there was enough rain. If not, in this vidoe the person knows what to do to get fresh water:

Also very interesting is, that small wounds can turn into something, what would have been dangerous without a modern medical kit.
Also in another report I saw - it was an expedition of some scientists in the Amazonas related region, when they got infections unde the toe nails walking uncovered.
Related to the game some little birch bark shoes can have a function. We also see that a pot does not necessarily need to be from iron.

Birch tar

Something else:

This was used to build stone weapons but also later i.e. to mount the arrowhead to the shaft.

War archery

This video of Lars Andersen shows what war archery looked like and how fast it could be used: