Topic: Which game update you are looking forward to?  (Read 4473 times)


« on: August 07, 2020, 02:14:14 PM »
The game is challenging and fun as it is right now no doubt about that. But I'd like hear your opinions on updates you are waiting for, it can be from the development list or anywhere.
I am actually hoping for a widescreen support, it should be a nice upgrade from the stretched and resized versions avaible right now.
From the development list, it is a race between animal husbandry and infections, I think infections should make the game a lot more interesting, maybe something like the need for boiling the water and similar stuff like that.


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I'd love for more quests with better variety to them, the different shades of "find a needle in a haystack" aren't really doing it for me and tend to leave me wanting for more.

Better modding support would also be great. I don't think you can really fully rely on the modding community to make the game for you, but with better tools to control recipes, buildings, and menu arborescence, in both creating new stuff and being able to modify existing features, I know modders would have a field day.


« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2020, 07:15:33 PM »
Actually I am looking forward to see this marriage thing.

Personally I would prefer some settlement foundation update, so you can grow your own village. Hire people from other settlements and maybe the join your village when dont need their direct service anymore.

Some things I would also like to see is, growing your own animals, speak if have a sheep and a ram, there should be a chance every year to get an young sheep/ram.
Getting wool from sheep would be nice aswell.

More craftable basic things in vanilla, without needing to mod the game, is also a thing I really want.
Some easy things like nets, fishing rods, wooden tubs, pot aso. -- anoying that we can get those things only from trades.
Overwork of arrow crafting also needed, stupid to make arrows just from a branch, rock and feathers without any quality. Arrows should be made from shafts, arrowheads and feathers.

Some use for bones beside feeding dogs.

And a tailoring proffession, really missing.
Abillity to tailor nettle and woolen clothes and option to repair it if damaged.

There is so much potential in this game.
Well lets see what will come in future.


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I’m waiting for travois/sled/sleigh/cart/wagon update the most. Hopefully it’ll have inventory management for rucksack/stuff sack at the same time.

2nd on my wishlist would be advanced crafting: making all bows, smithing broad heads, reusing broken arrows. Rehafting axes, repairing armor. Smithing axe and spearheads, knife and sword blades. Preferably unlocked via quests and not easy or quick to get unlocked or produce.

3rd would be world generation rework: to include springs, brooks, streams, digging ditches, and the narrowing of roads to more realistic width.