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I regularly sacrifice my prey to spirits, always feel at ease and felt unity with water. Haven't have any feelings/ omen related to breeze/ forest for quite a long time through.
Lately I summoned the forest spirit. I expect he looks pleased but instead, he looks upset.
However, when he spoke, he actually leave some kind words and blessing to me. 
Can any sages here interpret how the forest spirit feels towards me?

Edit: BTW, the sliver ring did not disappear after the sacrifice, is this normal?
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Some silver jewellery will be consumed, some will not, I am not sure why. Occasionally he will tell where the animal is, but I don’t know how to find it


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When you sacrifice to the forest spirits some silver is used, resulting in the item getting damaged. Eventually the last bit is sacrificed, at which point the item is lost.

I haven't gotten anything useful of of the forest spirit, apart from a useless ritual (useless in the sense that the required geographic feature isn't present anywhere near).


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Ok, that means I did sacrifice my sliver and the spirits accepted it. I once thought the spirit rejected my sacrifice so the sliver remain un-touch.
But I still don't know the spirits' attitude, does he like me or not? Am I killing too many animals so he appears to be upset but since I sacrifice after each kill so he kind of forced to bless me?