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Like in topic - throwing stones/ blocks to check the ice if is able to withstand a weight


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That would be cool. I've found it works a little bit already with logs, if you push a log onto the ice then it will break if it can't hold the weight of the log, but then if you try to step onto the ice, it might not be able to hold you+log so it might break anyway.

I tested it just now with throwing 13 stones and 171 lb dead driikilais hunter (it's what i had available, brand new character) and throwing them onto the ice didn't break it, but my sow breaks it and i hear a cracking sound when i (149 lb + 48 lb of items) try to stand on it. I'd want to test it again with ice that's just starting to form and testing stones that should break it but i don't have any characters that are at the right time of year for it


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My method for testing potentially unsafe ice is to load down my character with as much junk as it can carry, take off the skis, and then try to move out onto the ice on the overland map. If I don't get a warning then it ought to be safe to use the ice with normal encumbrance while wearing skis. Obviously, the check is valid only for a limited period.

A method for explicitly checking the thickness/safety of the ice would be very welcome, though.


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I had some more time to check it out, a hole in the ice had just covered over with some thin ice so I threw a stone at it and it broke. So your idea of testing works already in the game. But Palu's method is more practical. Except that sometimes at a very particular part of the year, it will let you go out onto the ice and then it makes you zoom in and navigate it because the ice wasn't as thick as your character thought it was.

At the dangerous time of the year, the safest way to navigate rivers is to zoom in and look for a ford. The fords freeze first and they're shallow enough that even if you fall in you will be able to wade across. I mark fords with a blue map marker when i find them in the spring so it'll be easier in winter


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Like in topic - throwing stones/ blocks to check the ice if is able to withstand a weight

Just do it. Works already. Ice should react under load regardless of it being stones or whatever or your character.
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Tested and can confirm it works already, weight of 5 tree trunks (2500lbs) can break ice in the coldest winter.