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So 36 days into my first serious game, I was on a trek to check a semi-successful trap I had set up. I was desperate, with my starvation meter at about the 53% mark. I had just constructed my first bow using animal leather from animals I had killed for cord. I was very excited to use it, but I needed more cord to make arrows. Had every ingredient but cord :(. Anyways, I was seriously hoping I had caught something in my trap. On the way, I was notified that I had been jumped by a kuika tribe robber. The map zoomed in, and I noticed a man laying down about 5 spaces ahead of me. I should have just run away then. After telling him to piss off, I would not be giving him anything, he called out his buddies, and they beat me until I was unconscious. When I woke up, I had no weapons and no tools. I had to construct a crappy stone knife to even do the simplest of tasks. I continued on my way to check my trap. If needed, I could use my knife to butcher whatever animal I caught there, since it was a small animal trap. I finally arrived, only to find an empty trap. I sulked back towards the shelter I had set up. Along the way, I ran into a hunter. I asked to trade, since he had tons of meat and food on him. He said I had nothing of worth. I did the only logical thing in return: I plunged my stone knife into his neck. He swore, and within seconds, he had beaten me to death with his club. Part of me believes I attacked him for food, part of me believes I had hoped for death. Anyways, total actual game time for all this to transpire: 8 minutes, a dead adventurer, and countless swear words said along the way. 10/10 would recommend the game.


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Recently I was on my way back from an unsuccessful hunting trip and was coming up to the peninsula my cabin is built on when I encountered a bull elk. I zoomed in but it was very late and I couldn't see him so I gave up on it. I got back home and went to stoke the sauna stove because I have a giant pile of meat smoking while my new dog ate from his pile of reindeer bones. As I was doing this, a bull elk appeared in the cabin directly next to me. I paused for a second. I thought it was gonna attack me and tried to yell at it but it just stood there. So I did the only logical thing and closed the door behind him and order my dog to attack before stabbing it to death with my spear. I've spent multiple in-game days chasing rabbits to no avail and suddenly a 400 lb moose just wanders in to my living room lol


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Why yes the stories are quite memorable.

I've done character blogs to practice writing skills. One of them is Novrus at:

70,000+ words of adventuring in the UnReal World.

It certainly is the intense moments like those above that one remembers best.

I still remember Beodrin Two-Bears.

Beodrin started the game with the death of his father to a bear. Turns out the start was on about 9 tiles of wiggly island. Both Beodrin and Bear were working through the limited supply of berries. The two encountered each other or saw each other every few days. Slowly the fall and winter was coming and even before then the berries might all be eaten.

At the time I didnt understand the crafting like I do now so the only I thought there was to make a raft was to get leather...

... the only source of leather being that man-killing bear.


Two fighters enter! One fighter leaves!

Thus I came to thoroughly research the games trapping system. As the name suggests Beodrin Two-Bears did eventually have his victory, make a raft and sail onto other adventures... wearing the bear that killed his father.

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Speaking of Bears....

I remember this time with Novrus when he was laying new fields. Turning ash is brutally hard work. He was really exhausted when walking around the field area with the "you are about to fall asleep" message...

... when a bear walked onto the screen.

This is NOT the time to fall asleep!