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I just killed my first Elk doe. I forgot to skin it but holy shit. After nearly starving and having to munch on crowberries to get myself well enough to get firewood to roast my fish (another cool thing) I first found then attacked an elk herd, singling out a doe that I had to track down. I nearly lost them a lot of the time but eventually hunting them down and clubbing them to death with a javelin (note to self, this is why clubs are useful) was so fucking satisfying. I love that this game makes tasks that are difficult in real life feel difficult, without being boring or grindy (to me at least). The hotkeys make it feel like you're co-ordinating a complex process and it's great. I really wish more games adopted this style just for the feeling of achievement it brings, as well as the extremely limited understanding of the actual difficulty of living this lifestyle.


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Amazing job! Welcome to the forum and game. You will love it!


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I remember my first several playthroughs, starving all the time first kill was really something I had to work for.

Advice for you: When hunting try to injure animal first, it MUCH easier.