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Harvesting Bark.

If in nature a tree is not too much hurt, it reproduces bark. Must confess i dont know how slow that works, but mabye it takes years. I recognized that in the next spring the trees around the shack show up as still already harvested (from last year). How is it in the game, will they offer bark again?

Spirit of the water.

When i see that the Spirit of the forest always is always happy, the Spirit of the water always hates me like nothing. I cant really find out the reason for that. Most of the meat in both cases would be sold to villages anyway; there is no real difference. Is fishing counted worse than hunting or does it depend on something else?


Whats the smallest building for smoking? Can it be done in a tent (with only one tile space inside and a fire in front/entrance)?


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1. I'd expect bark regrowth to be slow, but I don't have any real life knowledge.
2. Meat sacrifice goes towards the spirit of the forest, fish to the one of the water. It should be possible to sacrifice to both in the same day (for a while it was one or the other).
3. Given that smoking is done in a sauna, I'd expect tents to be too draughty. Note that a player made "sauna" works for smoking, but not for the quest requiring a sauna stove (as players can only build regular stoves). Thus, I'd expect the inner dimensions to be 2*1 (my saunas are always 3*1), with one of those tiles taken up by the stove.

Labtop 215

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I'd expect the smallest building is a 3x4.

Code: [Select]
O#O < - Fireplace
O_O < - Open Space

54 logs, 20 boards (1 additional log or felled tree), 2 slender trunks, and 35 stones.

Roughly 60 ingame hours of continuous man hours work.  In practice at least twice that long to account for the need to sleep.  This also assume that you have gathered everything beforehand.  Also assumes you are working with masterwork equipment and that you don't have a bad result (in this case the work takes much longer than normal), so factor in another 50% increase in the time it takes if your character is average.

Assume that it will take a little over a week to build once you have all the materials in the spot you want to build at.