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A village lost a boar and I have to find it.

This is what I understand from the old man who gave the quest and the village sage.

Spoiler: show
The boar has been "hidden" in "forest cover". I have to find the last tracks of the boar and perform a spell on the most recent tracks. The thing is, where do I start finding any of the tracks in the first place?

The quest area is just a vague circle and it just says the boar is under forest cover. The terrain inside the quest circle consists of parts of a village road, a village (not the original quest village), spruce mire (most of it), coniferous forest, open mire/pine mire, heathland, lichenous pine forest, groves and 1X1 tiles of water.

Do I just go into each tile of coniferous forest or lichenous pine forest and walk around looking for boar tracks? Because they contain the word "forest"? Could someone explain what is meant by "forest cover"?
I don't understand the quest....

TLDR: Define what is meant by "forest cover" as stated by the quest giver.

Any help is much appreciated. I'm kind of stuck in the game. Thanks for reading.


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It's currently unknown, I think, whether "forest cover" is to be taken literally or not. I've definitely seen the tracks go out into open terrain, but I can't remember if any of the "last" tracks have been in open terrain. In my last case new tracks appeared after a day of fruitless burning on "last" tracks, and I eventually found the missing creature.

Thus, you probably have to search each and every tile within the circle (probably excluding the village). Also note that it's easy to miss the tracks in spruce forest because of the limited visibility. In pine forest you can get away with moving on the overland map and zoom into each tile, look around, and then zoom out again, while you have to be lucky for that to work out in spruce infested terrain. I walk back and forth mostly zoomed in for one row/column of tiles at a time, which is extremely tedious.

Also, you're unlucky to get a boar, as, unless the track changes have modified it, you can't see the difference between the tracks of a tame boar and those of a wild one.

It is the most tedious quest in the game, and one I'm prepared to skip or fail because of the extreme tedium involved.