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Meet Vladislav, he is nomad hunter of Owl Tribe, and this is a short story of his realization that in Unreal World he should walk not run.

Vladislav left his home village after many calls from the forest, one day he just followed the call and found himself stranded, after two weeks of hunting in his tribe territory he gathered almost all his possesions recent catch, spear, some clothes furs and sold them for Northern bow and two loyal companions, dogs Roki and Tara, and he ventures out toward unclaimed land between Owl and Kaumo tribe, as he noticed that game was much more common there. After setting himself nice camp he proceeded to hunt and do hide work hoping that one day he could sell all those furs for some nice tools, after 2 weeks of hunting and several recent bad hunting days while returning to camp he encountered Bull Elk, he never hunted such large and valuable creature, so he realised his loyal hounds and send few arrows in Bull direction, after short chase Vladislav ended the life of his first Bull Elk. But now a new problem arises, what will he do with all meat he acquired? it would be waste to let it root... So he made some preparation for the journey to Kaumo tribe territory to try and sell the meat, after doing some initial tanning process he takes his dogs and went on his 1-2 day journey. He was having a hard time finding any village or settlements in their territory so his journey was a bit longer than expected, after finding 3 villages all of them had meagre stuff to sell, not really worth all effort and meat he brought, during his trip he saw several times some Bears and strange-looking warriors in red, its look like that all those stories of bloodthirsty warriors in red plaguing this part region where true in the end. So after trading for few dried slices of meat and 1 wooden cup he disappointed start heading to his camp, knowing that he stay longer than expected his fur was in danger of rooting or dropping in quality, so he was in hurry. But now biggest danger encountered him, suddenly in front of him and his dogs huge Bear emerged, roaring at him and moving to fight stance, Vladimir was never so scared in his life he knew he could lose not only his stuff, dogs but even his life now, he slowly backed away from bear not turning his back toward him, but in the end, the bear didn't chase him. That day when he returned to his camp he immediately went to check his tanning fur, with disappointment he saw that his trip has just brought him danger and almost ruin nothing more, Fur was by this time totally ragged and almost ruined, nobody will want to buy such fur, fur from his biggest catch so far....So now Vladislav had stale soon to be rotten meat and ragged fur, but in the end, he still has his life and one good lesson, in UnReal World you should always walk.....


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So very true. Nomad /cabinless summer time elk&bear hunting is easily a waste of meat, and /or fur too.
On other note: you likely have villages closer to the red x, directly south of it.