Topic: Passive winter fishing in non-rapid, non-ocean waters - possible?  (Read 245 times)


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Is it possible to use a net in lakes during winter? Cut a hole, set a net, come back the next day, break the ice, fish out a net and possibly a catch, repeat? Or does the game not allow this and I risk losing the net for example?

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Should be okay

I have, and a lot of others too, done ice hole fishing espicily in first winter low gear survival and the winter slae escape. Ah the fond memories of a fire hardened javelin looking at a hole in the ice of some random water way.


I think Norvus did some ice net fishing. As I write this I'm recalling circling the hole with spruce twigs so I would know where to make the ice hole again when coming back a 2 days later to check the net.



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It works.
And you can collect the net, without cutting the ice. Can’t put it back without clearing the ice again though.