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Suggestion reply marathon | Oct 2019 - Mar 2020


Suggestion reply marathon - Oct 2019 - Mar 2020

This marathon thread is a compilation of suggestions and replies to them from six from month period of October 2019 to March 2020.
Each reply can be also found in their respective forums threads. By the time the marathon was done around 15% of new suggested things were already featured in the game. Naturally some of these things will never end up in the game but replies are given nevertheless and thus the development roadmap hopefully grows clearer.
After these replies my time to continue ponderings on these very subjects rarely continues, but the topics stay open and discussion can naturally go on till the end of time.

Here we go...

Changing maximum lengh of thread/cord/... possible in recipes to 16 bits


--- Quote ---There are a few cases where you'd really want quite substantial lengths of material when crafting items. Currently this affects mods only, but once those kinds of crafting recipes make it into the game itself they may cause issues.
As indicated, it's not urgent, but something that may become an issue in the future.
--- End quote ---

No issues in sight. Then one just selects multiple lesser-than-required length tying equipment. Eg. if 1500 ft of cord is needed you can use a stack of 100 * 15 ft cords.

Making location of bird thief quest traps a little bit easier


--- Quote ---The Bird Thief quest can be a real pain when the target area is coniferous, as visibility is poor to start with, and there's a significant risk of the traps being obscured for the player by trees on top of that. The description talks about human footprints, so it would make sense to actually have human footprints in the area, similar to how the Wounded Adventurer quest has animal footprints (but the human wouldn't remain in the area, obviously).
--- End quote ---

I like the idea of footprint possibility. That would make sense indeed. Should this get added at some point the footprints visibility would naturally also depend on terrain, elements and character's tracking skill.



Firstly, it's a good policy to pinpoint a suggestion or two rather than post lists. That way it's easier to find, read and discuss these things.

--- Quote ---Have all items on your animals be available in the trade screen.
--- End quote ---

Would surely be handy with tons of items on tons of animals but as this is an interface limitation getting to tweak it now is way too costly compared to the importance.

--- Quote ---An auto-pause when spotting wild animals. If not having an auto-pause is a feature to make stalking pray harder, then I understand.
--- End quote ---

There's an auto-pause when spending time in one location. When moving about I feel this isn't needed.

--- Quote ---Multi-select in the action menu. My use case would be to unleash/tie all or some animals at a time, equip ski stick/skis/paddle (my courtyard is only accessible through water or a gauntlet of traps).
--- End quote ---

I see the point, but unfortunately the internal design limits things like from being easily adjusted. As it's a matter of playstyle how much keyboard jockeying we all have to do on game-daily basis this also feels very costly compared to importance.

--- Quote ---Ask which target to attack when multiple beings are standing on a tile. Additionally have the attack repeat function (key: 3) remember who you last attacked and keep attacking them for each successive attack.
--- End quote ---

That target selection is done. I feel it's best to keep attack repeat target selectable as sometimes we want to repeat the same good attack at different nearby targets. It's hard to say which is the most common attack-repeat usage for the majority of players, but I don't recall anybody suggesting a different functionality earlier.

--- Quote ---Allow non-weapons to be thrown when both hands are wielding something. My use case is throwing bait on traps. Currently I either drop bait and push it on a trap or un-equip one hand and throw the bait.
--- End quote ---

Neat and simple idea. Will browse the throwing code and consider. This could be implemented so that such throwing would be always allowed in non-attack manner, ie. if the target isn't a creature. Then you could also toss a branch into the fire with equipped hands etc.

--- Quote ---Crossbows should not require the 2nd hand slot to hold an arrow. Crossbow items if loaded should say what type of arrow is loaded in its name and you should be able to use the action menu (or some other way) to unload/reload them . Once loaded you should be able to swap an unloaded crossbow with a loaded one from your inventory.
--- End quote ---

Two slots occupied reflects the fact that proper crossbow usage needs two hands, and carrying loaded crossbow is simply a risk one wouldn't take. Hold it carelessly with one hand and you might easily fire it while running or moving about. (As an interesting trivia, ancient Finns had very unique way of shooting with crossbows holding it at about the hip height. It's quite slow and delicate process to start with.)

--- Quote ---Have a repeat the exact last crafting recipe key. My use case is smoking/drying/roasting batches of 19 per cord or 10 for roasting. Preferably it would be press shift-r, a list of what you are about to craft shows up in the message log and then press space to confirm crafting.
--- End quote ---

I see the point, and we try to ease keyboard jockeying every now and then little by little. This would be biggie, and trickier than it seems at first. Can't say much more about this right now, have to consider carefully.

--- Quote ---In the eating screen remember what you last ate and have it automatically selected.
--- End quote ---

It should work like that already.

--- Quote ---Separate talk/command to shift-c for talking to people and something else for ordering/interacting with your pets. Unless all my dogs are visible to me, the chat selection is bogged down by all the names of dogs not visible to me.
--- End quote ---

It's very likely that we get into separating chat from commanding in the near future. How it works now is very clumsy even if you weren't a dog hoarder.

--- Quote ---Digging holes should be a resumable task. If you stop digging you lose all your progress and the dirt you dug out magically goes back in the unfinished hole.
--- End quote ---

This is done already.

--- Quote ---Have items of the same exact type and weight stack with ones already packed on animals instead of making a separate entry.
--- End quote ---

That's how it should work alrady. Big stacks may break the rule, though. I'd have to check the case individually to get a better idea.

--- Quote ---Have animals/pets have the same unique item limit that a player has. Currently animals have a ~20 unique item limit and you’ll receive a “Burden of x is too much for “animal name” to carry!” despite having weight/load capacity left.
--- End quote ---

We've imagined pack animals being used for carrying carefully selected items. Some slender trunks and bags of rye, maybe dozen of furs, and pile of meat. I'm aware that if they are used as walking general stores the limit is hit. However, expanding animal data is bound to take place somewhere in the future, but needs to be linked with other animal structure related overhauls.  The actual timing can't be predicted.

--- Quote ---When walking over items you’ll see two different font colors, blue if there’s a single item and black if there’s multiple ones. Please use one font color (blue or something else) for both cases so that it is easier to distinguish items on the ground from other things.
--- End quote ---

It's been like this forever with no alternate suggestions heard out loud so in that sense it's better not to touch it.

Making Clothing


--- Quote ---Shouldn't making fur and leather clothing be Hideworking instead of Common?
--- End quote ---

Clothmaking is very simplified, and we've been thinking of completely new "clothmaking" skill along with some complexity to the process, but these things have delayed and delayed. Generic clothmaking/tailoring skill is also debatable add as technically textilecraft is again very different from leatherworking. And one can also be excellent fur tanner but a lousy clothmaker - so having the both under hideworking have felt tricky too.  I guess because of all this hesitation a proper move hasn't been made.

But yes, fur and leather clothmaking could be made prone to hideworking. (Harnmaster, my all-time favourite inspirational rpg system, has it like that too.) And we could then feature textilecraft later on. We'll consider. It requires adding some additional complexity before the mere change feels justified, though.



--- Quote ---Goats are hardy breeds, producing fur, meat and milk.
They are also cheaper, more self reliant and judging by these reports was introduced in the Stone Age never mind Iron Age Finland!
--- End quote ---

Yes, goats would fit in the game world nicely. One decent thing to consider among so many others.

ft of Cord


--- Quote ---Instead of having a separate length of cord why not make them all 1ft? The item would then be called "ft of Cord" and the length would be in the quantity.
--- End quote ---

Doesn't feel like a reasonable adjustment - especially just so shortly after long-awaited measure of length system has been built up.



--- Quote ---So, it takes 3 500lbs logs to make an 80lbs raft?
Perhaps slender logs should be used instead? In real life I wouldn't  fell 3 full sized trees for a simple raft - I'd fell smaller trees anyways.
--- End quote ---

Raft weight shall be fixed. It's indeed way too low,  80 pounds currently.
Numerous raft related additions are also being planned, for example small raft from slender trunks.
Also, rowing the raft should be way slower than going with a punt. Moving a heavy raft with paddle should be both slow and quite a bit exhausting as well.

Physician skill healing party members


--- Quote --- I was thinking, instead of letting party members heal automatically maybe u would need the physician skill? Then ppl would need to choose if they want to make themselves a beefy character or if they boost their physician skill and aim to get help from others, perhaps?
--- End quote ---

It's not good to make NPCs completely dependant on character's physician skill - they have it also in their own skills galore. But importance of character's physician skills is already featured to some extent as you can use it to treat bleeding wounds of your companions. Some of these can be the kind of wounds which NPCs don't always necessarily manage to stop by themselves. Other physician processes could be also extended to allow treating NPCs (and pets), and that would be interesting indeed.

A Few Ideas: Agricultural help, Snake fangs and more…


Firstly, it's a good policy to pinpoint a suggestion or two rather than post lists. That way it's easier to find, read and discuss these things.

--- Quote ---Agricultural help from companions. I recently was harvesting my herb patches and I had a companion. As I cut down the nettles, I wished I could ask him to either thresh the plants behind me or pick them up for me.
--- End quote ---

Yep. The ways that companions can help out the player character need to keep increasing. And this surely should be included.

--- Quote ---Putting branches in an ice hole to help delay refreezing.
--- End quote ---

This would be an interesting trivial addition. It immediately comes to mind where to find data about how much this should delay the freezing.

--- Quote ---Player characters shouldn't start with perfect knowledge of traps.
--- End quote ---

Agreed. And player characters shouldn't start with perfect knowledge of all the other crafts and constructions either. It would suit the game world perfectly is if things needed to be learned gradually and in more culturally dependant fashion.

--- Quote ---Snakes should drop fangs/teeth. Maybe could be a spell component. A Sage request item?
--- End quote ---

Would be nice little detail, among many others. We'll see if a proper in-game context comes in our way at some point.

--- Quote ---Trading with different types of people should mean what items you trade with should have different values.
--- End quote ---

Yep. This is the trading direction we'll turn to at some point. The timing can't be predicted, though. It needs detailed planning and some unhurried time to concentrate on trading as a whole.

Traps should be nerfed


--- Quote ---I've been playing for years now and the big thing I've noticed is how incredibly easy the game becomes after setting up a single trap-fence. Usually on the border of a open mire and a coniferous forest or coniferous mire. Or by just keeping a trap-fence around my settlement I often have an elk or reindeer diving straight into one of my traps once every two months.
--- End quote ---

It's quite dangerous to go adjusting the traps as whole based on only few character's playstyle. Trapping is also frustratingly difficult to some at some times. I'd really need to see the trap-setting you have found all-too-easy, and then see what is actually the thing to tweak.
For example, if settlements are surrounded by trap-fences and huge trap complexes that costantly seem to get catch we should better make certain animals more scared of human presence, or human activity, rather than to adjust trap effectiveness.

I find the trapping system working quite nicely, but I'm quite moderate and traditional trapper in the game. So, I could first have look at people's trapping-sites from savegames if you find them unjustly fruitful.

Difficulty Scaling


--- Quote ---I believe the game would benefit from adding difficulty options during character creation. What I suggest are things that affect the entire game world such as animal spawn rates, bandit spawns, average item quality in villages, average temperature and so on. All of which intended to make the game harder only.
--- End quote ---

Difficulty levels such as these isn't my cup of tea. To me this would mean a whole different approach to the whole game design. I'd rather tweak the game mechanics and add content to feature more of that desired difficulty, and allow playstyle choices to affect how harsh and risky character's life will be.

Field dress/quarter big game


--- Quote ---Option to field dress or quarter game. It might make the difference in weight reduction to be able to pick or pack carcasses and transport back to a preferred processing location.
--- End quote ---

Would be a reasonable addition, and working on this would also turn focus to maybe adding organs and blood too. We'll consider.
Heavy carcasses, big elks and such, would probably still remain a burden to transport as field dressing on average reduces the living weight by 30% or so.

[naming: last word] functionality extension


--- Quote ---I propose a small extension that could greatly improve customisation and simplify many mod recipes I've seen.
In addition to "last word",  it should be possible to use integer values:
"n" : get the value of the nth word
In a similar fashion,  as it happens in python lists:
"-n" : get the value of the nth last word
--- End quote ---

Hmm. Gotta check the code and consider. It may seem simple and quick thing to add on the outisde, but as the game hasn't been designed for modding things can be quite a mess in the inside.



--- Quote ---Instead of just gathering common rocks in order to form arrows, why not craft arrowheads from stone/rock. It would be interesting to do flintnapping, or to carve arrowheads from bone and antlers.

Iron arrowheads could be a trade item, too, instead of completed Superior arrows. It would feel great to trade for some Superior iron arrowheads and form my own arrows.
--- End quote ---

I'm all in for making archery related stuff more detailed. It's currently all too easy to make deadly arrows from generic branches and rocks.

Flint isn't commonly found, but arrowheads from bone and other rocks would do. Also, acquiring arrowsheads by trading is a thing that I'm in for.

I could spend lots and lots of time for some archery gear overhauls. We'll see what happens at what point.

Name of animal on Animal commands


--- Quote ---Can we get the name of the animal on the Animal commands.
I have attachted an example.
--- End quote ---

Yes, that would help owners of many animals to be sure the right one got commanded. Simple addition, we'll put it to effect.

Choosing target for attack if they're occupying a single tile


--- Quote ---A simple menu: "Attack which target?" please!
--- End quote ---

Just letting you all know that this feature is coming up.

More Tracking info


--- Quote ---an tracker at a certain level should be able to see if his prey is crippled by it's gait and I should also be able to determine relative size small, big, from tracks these small changes would make it easier follow specific animal in a herd.
--- End quote ---

This is coming up. Both limping and animal size info will be added to tracking description.

End of part 1/3. Read on ...

Suggestion reply marathon - Oct 2019 - Mar 2020 | part 2/3

More Tracking info


--- Quote ---an tracker at a certain level should be able to see if his prey is crippled by it's gait and I should also be able to determine relative size small, big, from tracks these small changes would make it easier follow specific animal in a herd.
--- End quote ---

This is coming up. Both limping and animal size info will be added to tracking description.

Improved trading system


--- Quote ---1. At no point anywhere does the game ever actually inform you about the trading values of items. The only way you can know is indirectly by "faking" a trade, i.e. offering or taking the item in question and ...
It doesn't matter that there's no currency, just use squirrel furs as basis, which I believe was commonplace back then, or some other item, I don't care. And those values HAVE to exist at least somewhere on code level otherwise the system wouldn't work at all
--- End quote ---

I'm very aware trying to figure out exact prices or numerical values of items while bartering in the game is tedious, but having a barter system like this is deliberate choice. If it's felt as the worst choice ever then it is, but I'm quite sure we won't be seeing precise numerical value based trading to be added. (If that was a suggestion here?) We've had our go with it back in the day. You can always ask your trading partner what they would like, and get some idea  of the trade balance.

--- Quote ---2. Closely tied to nr.1 like I mentioned, you always need to slowly add (or remove) items step by step in a transaction until it is accepted, ideally in as small steps as possible if you don't want to just give loads of your stuff away for free (keep in mind any "gifts" like this if trades aren't balanced add up, your character is going to trade many times). Unless of course, you have the values noted down and can do the math ahead of time... and that's a prime example of something the game should take care of for you.
--- End quote ---

If you always try to have absolutely equal trade values then it's surely tedious, but that's players choice. You can also be broad-minded, and everything in between. Trading is also prone to reputation sytem so giving some extra for a "free" may very well be beneficial.

I can't get what the actual suggestion here is.

--- Quote ---3. There is no way to just remove one or a few items from an offer you have made, you always have to start over from scratch! This is outrageous, especially when combined with the previous points. How can you even design such a thing in your mind let alone have it be like this or something similar since the early 90s (I assume)? I just don't get it.
--- End quote ---

Monetary system was ruled out from the game in 2001. Before that there was coins and numbers and seemingly perfect trading system.

But sarcasm aside, inventory handling in trading is very clumsy, yes. And it's that because they didn't evolve hand in hand. It surely would be all far more convenient if you could easily compile a list of items to trade, and then propose it, and change if needed, and propose again. And so on.

Do I see a suggestion here to allow removing items from the offer you have made? That's something we can start to consider.

--- Quote ---4. If you want to know (and of course you will want to know) what items a village has available for trade, you need to go through every single house ...
Why not just be able to talk to a villager and say "I'd like to trade" at which point you get a list of all the items that village (and any villagers in it) has available?
--- End quote ---

For me it's all too gamey to speak to one person and have him list everything in the village. When looking for a specific item we'd want to feature a way to ask if there's a pot, or arrows, or bows in the village. Or have them give a general overview of village goods when asked, and say where you can find what. Then going to actually pick up the goods will still remain.
Also, we long to add a way to ask villagers to produce something you need.

--- Quote ---What I would like to see is a trading system similar like the ones in Gothic or Morrowind for example, they did both a very good job with that.
We need something like a screen with three lists: your inventory, the village's (or other person's) inventory and the list of items that should change owners. At the bottom, show the current value balance - how many more items need to be offered by either side to make it fair, and an indication whether the trade will be accepted as is or not. Of course you need to be able to add or remove items at any time *without* being forced to start over from scratch and the values of items have to be listed somewhere.
--- End quote ---

Well, I'm afraid this isn't going to happen. Feelings about trading often reflects the playstyle. It's not tedious for everybody, but if every village is approached as middle-age marketplace you can end up in habit of visiting each house and trying to get as even as possible. On the long run the idea is to bring trading more into direction where villagers sell far less than currently but you can order specific goods to be produced.

Village citizenship & development


--- Quote ---1) Dynamic village supplies.
Right now as far as I know the only thing that really changes in the village stocks is crops and the occasional new fur. I think it would be pretty great to see a more dynamic system in place, differing between culture.
The villages would need to also have a system in place for resource consumption of course, and there would be a demand for supplies they sometimes can't get ahold of, which brings me to the second part of this rambling post of mine.
--- End quote ---

This could be improved endlessly, but it's in effect to quite a bit extent already. Village inventories do already changes in more versatile way than just crops and fur. And these changes are prone to culture and population. And there's resource consumption already. But likes said, it could be improved endlessly. Differences between culture item supplies aren't all too clear currently, but they do exists. We should give all the items more cultural attributes to get things like this really flying. Lots of works, but surely one of the underlying goals.

--- Quote ---2) Village to village trade.
Villages would assess their supplies and decide what is needed, as well as what in in excess. They trade away what they have a surplus of, and purchase the things that are in short supply. These little trading parties would have differences between cultures, such as party size, amount of goods being transported, travelling distance, etc. For the most part, a village will trade with other villages in the immediate vicinity, but on occasion a bigger, more dedicated caravan may be sent to another tribe's lands. (Driik of course would do this most often.)
--- End quote ---

Something like this will probably be seen, but it's a whole different concept to start turning heavily on village/society/trading simulation on detailed level. I guess the game will always have the most focus on single player character with emphasis on survival and wilderness simulation. I feel village and society simulations being a different genre. We don't have time (nor interest) for it in overly big scale. But in some scale, we do.

--- Quote ---3) Poverty and prosperity.
With such a fluid system for supply and demand between villages I think there would definitely be villages that are better off than others.
Places that are cut off from trading routes would have slower growth, and may even have to deal with starvation or other hardships.
On the flip side, villages that are extremely successful with their daily living as well as trade would grow in population faster, expanding their settlements accordingly. New storage sheds may be built, new houses, new animal pens, stuff like that.
--- End quote ---

Villages in the game are foremostly groups of families. They are not villages in middle-age village sense. They are mostly self-sufficient. Trading occurs, but it's not as organized as you describe. I'd see more fit to add regular seasonal markets being arranged rather than generic caravans travelling between villages.
Prosperity or scarcity of different villages is seen already to some extent.  (And scarcity is far better word in the game's world than poverty.) Some have lots of goods, some have less. It's simulated very roughly, though. In UnReal World it should arise more from success of organizing livelihood, succeeding in hunting and such, rather than mere trading. None of villages aren't dependant of trading alone.
I'm not sure exactly what is the suggestion here except to have village resources to have impact on how villagers live or how the villages evolve? It's again turns a lot towards village simulation genre. But surely it would be interesting if bad years orscarcity would create visible in-game situations, or quests.

--- Quote ---4) Greater depth for player/NPC relationships.
I know, I know. This is already planned for future development. I just wanted to throw in my thoughts on the matter and how it would relate to the village systems I have suggested to you guys.
Deliver some goods to a neighboring village, and bring back the reward they promised if your village could provide what you delivered. Go search for a fellow villager who hasn't returned from his fishing trip. Each task would earn allowance in accordance to how difficult or important that task is.
--- End quote ---

As we see from this list of ideas the depth for player/NPC relationship is made greater by adding little and bigger things here and there on many different areas of the gameplay. That's constantly happening. It's impossible to simply "add greater depth", so it's better to suggest one or two little things that would contribute to the increase of depth.

Spotting smoke


--- Quote ---Right now I am playing the homeland robbers quest, and it just made me think... why can't I see a smoke from the enemy cookfire?
It would be really nice if a graphic indication would appear on the worldmap to show where a campfire has been lit, especially as hunter-type NPCs in the game world can now light their own fires.  similar columns would surely appear over villages as well.  It might even be nice to have a message prompt appear as we do when a village is spotted - "You spot a column of smoke nearby".
I reckon you'd also need some method to identify a fire only once too.  It would be annoying if you keep walking by the same village tile and keep getting "I Smell smoke!!"  over and over.
--- End quote ---

Yep, both spotting and smelling smoke, and spotting fires from the distance would be great additions. Would love to feature them both, but it could also get pretty complex if approached in detailed fashion. You mention some of the things to consider, but also nicely burning fire doesn’t produce all that much smoke. And actually spotting smoke from long distance would require A LOT of smoke to be generated. In case of regular campfires smelling the smoke would be more common.
Many fireplace being warmed up (or better, having been started to warm up) would naturally generate smoke to be visible further away. Wind direction would matter also. And an immediate spin-off feature would be to make wild animals scared of smelling smoke.
All that would be super, but we’d probably need to start with simplified fire/smoke spotting features first.

New diseases! More pain!(winter)


--- Quote ---Oh, winter ... You know, there are a lot of illnesses from the cold, except frostbite. You can add a sore throat, pneumonia and a bunch of other "good."
--- End quote ---

Yes, new ailments, symptoms and diseases on all fronts could be added. Some are surely coming up in the future. And not only for the wintertime.

Footwraps needed


--- Quote ---There's a consensus that our characters are in need of something to fend off the cold when the warm, woolen, gloves/mittens/socks are not available. It was suggested that our characters should be able to fashion simple footwraps and the like from our woolen scraps.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, footwraps are so simple that they can be made easily. I think they could be added, and I’ll see about the possibilities. People have also used dried hay in their shoes to keep the feet warmer – that would be more authentic, but more costly to add.

Njerpez Intelligence


Firstly, it's a good policy to pinpoint a suggestion or two rather than post lists. That way it's easier to find, read and discuss these things.

--- Quote ---My humble suggestions are as follows:
1. Slightly increase the rate at which Njerp camps spawn. I have never seen one in years of playing other than the ones on my escaped slave playthroughs. This is coming from someone who lives almost exclusively outside of cultural borders and in the east every single game.
--- End quote ---

To adjust these things lots of feedback from many players is required. The war camp spawning has been toned down quite a bit from what it was, but it still happens. I don’t know how many games you’ve had with no war camps around, but I’d rather first investigate savegames to see if there are war camps that just haven’t been spotted yet. (Feel free to send a long-time character and I’ll check.)

--- Quote ---2. Have the camps send out patrols of multiple Njerps, possibly even with dogs.
--- End quote ---

Njerpez with a dog is happening already. Multiple patrolling Njerpez have been suggested before also so we might actually see about adding that. I’ll consider.

--- Quote ---3. These patrols should be able to track the player and other NPCs if they come too close to a Njerp camp.
--- End quote ---

Having NPCs, Njerpez or others, to actively track down player character if need be would be nice  feature in many ways. It’s something we’d surely like to feature, and having the hostile NPCs utilize it would make a great difference to many in-game situations.

--- Quote ---4. Possibly even make it so that Njerpez camps come in sizes, with the biggest camps sending out larger patrols for longer distances.
--- End quote ---

Proper Njerpez war raids with detailed generation of all the required elements is a thing that we have cherished behind the scenes every now and then. This would be a biggie to add, but I’m pretty sure somewhere in the future we’ll dedicate a lot of time just to tone the Njerpez and their raids. When it happens it should be manifested in many different quests too.

--- Quote ---5. Make it so that when the player goes to sleep while travelling with companions, you can ask one of those companions to keep a watch in the night to look for enemies.
--- End quote ---

Hmm. “Keep guard” companion command could be very useful even if it wasn’t the Njerpez in question. You immediately start to think that the guy who stayed awake all night wouldn’t be that much of a travelling companion the next day. That had to be taken into account if this gets featured, but it’s very interesting idea indeed.

--- Quote ---6. Njerpez and/or robber raids on villages would also be a cool feature, but we'd need some way for villages to regrow or the Unreal World would become depopulated very quickly.
--- End quote ---

Njerpez can attack villages already. It’s not very organized raid, but it can happen and the results tend to be bloody. These things doesn’t happen so often that global population is at peril.

--- Quote ---7. Last but not least, make it so that enemies don't de-aggro or fall asleep during fights. It doesn't happen often, and I've mostly seen it from Njerpez, but it is a weird and sometimes very funny glitch.
--- End quote ---

This isn’t an intended feature, so please report it as a bug if you ever encounter it again.
Good policy would be to save right after it happens and send the savegame over to me.

Improve the wiki!


--- Quote ---I`m completely new to this game, however im a seasoned Dwarf Fortress player who wants to go on an adventure of UnRealWorld

The game so far is cool, but when i go on wiki (for an example https://unrealworld.fandom.com/wiki/Touch all it says is ''it can improve survival in several ways'') What several ways? Sure it might be an obvious quality improvement? Or... what?
--- End quote ---

Official wiki is here:

Besides that, the wiki is you people. You, the players, create and improve it.

Chop the salmon for dogs


--- Quote ---I can only feed one dog with 9 lbs salmon…. they dont know sharing….
So i am suggesting an option to split the fish to smaller portions.
--- End quote ---

Yes it would be reasonable. If we just had convenient way to add it up in existing commands or mechanics. Putting up a completely new command for it can be bit of an overkill.
Hmm. Or if we would make dogs eat all their meals little by little.

Metric measurements


--- Quote ---I'd just like there to be an option to use the metric system ingame.
--- End quote ---

We’d like it too. And in addition also an option to choose in how detailed way the measurements are displayed. These features might be added in relatively near future.

Too many Njerps?


--- Quote ---I am based in the south west, between Driik and Sartola lands.  I am doing the Big Elk part of the Advanced Adventures course, sallying out daily from my cabin to hunt a big elk.  In 2 weeks of this, I have found and killed 4 elk and 6 Njerps.
I would be fine with this if I was anywhere near Njerp lands, but it seems excessive considering how remote I am from them. 
My suggestion is that around Njerp lands yes it should be crawling with Njerps, but in the far west and north they should be extremely rare.
--- End quote ---

There’s some weighing already used to Njerpez appearance at different cultural areas, but it maybe it only takes into account setting up their war camps. However, we always need lots of examples and lots of discussion when it comes to something too much <>  too little kind of adjustments.
One character doesn’t tell that much at all. Even if Njerpez are extremely rare at some areas, or made even more rare, there’s somebody among thousands of players whose one character encounters them, and it may then arise an assumption that Njerpez are once again too numerous.
And then there’s always somebody who never meets them, even at their densely populated areas.
But I’ll check the code, and see if there’s something immediate to take action on, and in the future I can also check out savegames which feel far too abundant of Njerpez.

End of part 2/3. Read on ...

Suggestion reply marathon - Oct 2019 - Mar 2020 | part 3/3

Crafting leather harnesses?


--- Quote ---I was looking at a bunch of leather I've got for which I presently have no use and it occurred to me that these beasts of burden, cow and deer, could require harnesses and packs in order to carry loads. I suppose that would fall under hide working skill. What do you think?
--- End quote ---

I don’t feel this is that important. Surely some would enjoy the immersion of it, and maybe the micro-management too, but carrying in the game is very simplified – with humans too. There are many domestic animal related things to do that have a higher priority.

Snowstorms and Blizzards


--- Quote ---UnReal World should have periods of severe weather to make winter properly dangerous and scary. Blizzards with their high winds would make freezing temperatures much worse and turn layers of clothes into more of a necessity.
--- End quote ---

Yep. Weather conditions and the effects could be improved endlessly. We’ve got these, and others, in our plans.

eye kick & behaviour of aggressive forester upon knocking out aggressor


--- Quote ---My suggestions are:

1. Remove the chance of 'eye kick' completely.
a. Size of feet vs size of eye socket: it's just near-impossible to kick someone in the eye, especially in the heat of battle.
b. Position of a foot in space vs position of eyes in space: there's about 2 mt vertical space in between. I won't just stand there while the kicker adjusts his flying kick perfectly (not in a full suit with a masterwork shield, which I am actively using every counter-move).
--- End quote ---

People already pointed out in the thread that the foot (or a big weapon for example) doesn’t have to enter exactly in the eye opening eg. in the helmet to cause damage to the eye area. Also, as the hits land around combatants bodies it doesn’t happen so that the both stay still and erect. It’s imagined that some moving is happening, your head may come down as you move about, it doesn’t have to be a high kick. Kicks to head are not something that NPCs actively try to do, they are things that may happen in the heat of the combat.

--- Quote ---2. In the unlikely event a FA manages to knock out the aggressor:
a. He should either kill the aggressor, or
b. At least fully take all weapons initially, and probably everything useful in battle thereafter such as the shield. You might think "perhaps he was already unarming you?". It is true I do not know how much time passed (and maybe he was in the process of doing so) however when I came to, there were zero removed weapons therefore I think he just stood there doing nothing. He was on the same tile.
--- End quote ---

NPCs decide individually, and based on the events, what they do to downed enemy. They can decide to kill them, they can decide to spare them, they can decide to take the weapons and toss the guy away. You have to go through more defeats to see how it actually works. Here it’s also very likely that you were blacked out for a tiny moment, as there was no NPC move to be seen.
Of course it would be great to add more “after defeat” actions for NPCs, but they need to be though over based on more than one case example.



--- Quote ---It would be interesting if the areas of low elevation collected water after rains and the shores of the rivers changed. It would be dangerous to build your shelter too close to the river if it was raining a lot, you'd have to build on higher ground.
--- End quote ---

Spring flooding is usual phenomena in Finland too, and rainstorm related flooding could occur as well. These would be interesting but would require lots of work to implement as water flowing had to be modelled in detail. Maybe we can think this after we (some day) manage to get the rivers really flowing so that it will have in-game effect.

Full screen map with toggleable information on it - remove classic info boxes 


--- Quote ---Nowadays many people use large displays, even 30+ inches. Unreal World uses a cluttered screen wasting a lot of space that can be used for seeing the map. Maybe it's time to have a map like in the first attachement or the link below? With on screen information and boxes you can toggle on and off?
--- End quote ---

Yes we should update to modern resolutions, and it's mandatory at some point, but that's full rewrite of the graphics engine then.
To come up with good time lasting design it's six months of planning and at least another six for creating, and additional three for testing and putting things together.

When do we take that sort of graphics break, I don't know.

Use of full available resolution for the game is of course preferred, but it's debatable if that means using all the screen for map by default.

Boatmen and fishermen


--- Quote ---I think it would be interesting if you could run into fishermen and other such boat-goers when travelling by boat/raft in larger water areas (the sea, lakes) in the same way that you can run into traders and hunters on land.
--- End quote ---

This would be interesting, and I’d love to have things like this in effect some day. We’ll surely consider, but can’t predict when the time might be right for this.

please add the ability to dig a water well 


--- Quote ---I feel the ability to dig a water well is the next single huge improvement that can be added..
--- End quote ---

I’ve always felt it’s more period accurate that settlements are most often built near natural waters. I also feel that’s more the way I want things to be, but there’s archeological evidence of iron-age wells having existed too. If this was featured it had to be a thing that doesn’t succeed magically every time, but you really would have find the ground waters.
What I’d like to add first would be springs. With springs you could then build wilderness settlements near these marvelous natural water supplies.
But yes, we’ll consider the wells, but can’t predict when the time is right for it.

Spiky Fences and Fence Gates


--- Quote ---Spiky fences would be perfect for home defence. They could serve as traps as well (unwitting animals impale themselves on the fence while trying to climb over)?

In order to access the other side of a spiky fence, you need to build a fence gate onto an existing fence. This gate can be opened and closed like a door.
--- End quote ---

Fence gate is in the game now, but about spiky fences I’m not sure at all. It doesn’t feel proper, or period accurate. The danger of eg. wild animal is and should be always there – it’s essential part of the world. There are enough reasonable means to protect eg. your domestic animals already. Watchdogs or even bringing the animals inside for the night.

Wear and Tear and Protection


--- Quote ---It seems with the more recent releases that clothes don't degrade fast enough when damaged in combat.  I haven't really had to repair any of my current characters clothing, aside from his shoes.  Birch bark shoes seem to fall apart pretty quick but other than that footwear doesn't seem to degrade fast either, but footwear still degrades faster than the rest of my current characters armor who engages in combat pretty often.  I suggest that this be bumped up a bit, particularly for linen/nettle items.
--- End quote ---

You would have to define better what is fast enough ie. how you see things having changed lately. And what kind of and what quality clothes, and what kind of injuries you’ve experienced. This feels more like an individual hunch, and we’d really have to examine the character’s conditions in detail to come up with any concrete conclusion. What has been done in recent releases to armour/cloth degrade, is this in version 3.60 and I still find it working in intended fashion.

--- Code: --- - tweaked: armour and cloth quality having greater impact on their durability

         As a rule of thumb high quality items are more durable, and low quality items wear out faster
         in use. This is already seen with wear out rate of eg. weapons and tools. Now the quality based
         durability is extended to cover all the armous and clothes. You can expect rough armours
         to wear out faster in combat, and fine shoes to last longer on your journeys, and so on.

--- End code ---

Make stat/skill increases based on longevity, not on tutorial 


--- Quote ---I think the tutorial is good for handing out free stuff to new players, but I'd rather see the stat increase happen on your first anniversary or something so that the tutorial isn't something you feel like you have to do if you want to give your character every chance to be awesome. As it is, I just discard any free stuff the game gives me, but that just feels unpleasant.
--- End quote ---

Game-course completion options are indeed gamey, and we’ll rid of them at some point – leaving only one reals tutorial like course.
Stat increase has been discussed at times, and in theory it that could be added but it had to be based on actual usage of the ability and happen very slowly. We think the stats more like innate qualities  of the character and every character shouldn’t  ever reach max. stats. This brings up a question “But you get stronger by doing physical work!”, and yes you do, but this is already featured by skill increase. The skill increase for example in bow or swords of course requires appropriate muscles to get stronger too. Now it doesn’t reflect in the game with strength attribute increase but strength is very general term. Is it the strength in your back muscles, legs, shoulders?  Sword and bow require different strength, as does the timbercraft and hideworking. The same goes for many attributes.
Are you agile to dodge or agile to climb trees? Base agility helps in both but to train dodging trains different kind of agility than climbing. So the attributes are more like a generic overall starting point on which you build the physical skills – and the skill increase reflects what you’ve learned and what your body has adapted to. In that sense attribute increase hasn’t ever felt too necessary but if it was added it had to be very, very slow.



--- Quote ---Playing for a long time I noticed that it is much more profitable to eat 3 dried meats than to eat a pan of meat soup with peas and nettles. I think this is not a very good balance, but there is practically no sense in berries. I would like to see something like avitaminosis  .This may resemble starvation, which depends on the last time you ate berries or other food.
--- End quote ---

Yes, many effects of poor diet could added, and many nutrition related things improved. This has been brought up every now and but so far we haven’t got it happening. To feature diet effects in satisfying way would be quite an overhaul to nutrition code so maybe the burden of re-planning has kept it away from the table all these years.  Should be added surely, but I don’t know when.

Some cooking and modding improvements?


--- Quote ---On the cooking recipe requirement check, can you also add "pot available" as second item either in inventory or 'nearby' in the the valid recipes? Of course, only as long as the pot is empty.
--- End quote ---

“Pot available” as second item? I’m not sure if I get this right.
It would be convenient if ground items (nearby) could be always checked but their intenal handling is different from character’s inventory so we have mechanics limitation here. It’s an intention to overcome at some point, but don’t know when there’s time for that.

--- Quote ---On similar note (I'm aware there's mod for it already), dried meat and fish has been used in cooking since ancient times. Is that something you think will be in vanilla at some point?
--- End quote ---

Yep, I’d like to feature dried meat/fish usage in recipes, and then also to get rid of dried meat/fish eating on their own (without soaking first, or then chewing slowly and carefully). Recipes can be suggested.

--- Quote ---Third, is it viable to use water containers for Hideworking from ground/nearby similar to lakes, rivers, sea, swamps, bogs, marshes? Penalty goes up for smaller characters tanning bear and elk skins doubly for holding skin AND water container.
--- End quote ---

See the first reply. It’s internal mechanics limitation, hopefully to be dealt with at some point.

On the trail


--- Quote ---One thing I’ve not seen in the wilderness is ski tracks. I’m not sure how simple it is to model NPC hunters and adventurers to ski around, given their tendency to circle and wander around.
--- End quote ---

We’ll first have to give NPCs an ability ski and then think about the tracks. NPCs don’t ski currently. Both would naturally fit to the game world perfectly, and ’m sure will this coming alive at some point.

Cattle Pulled Sled


--- Quote ---A simply made sled, I'm thinking boards as the main component, could be used to haul items over land. Animals like cattle and reindeer could be leashes to the sled and be made to pull it.
--- End quote ---

Yes. These plans do exist in our roadmap. When it happens the sleds can be pulled by the player character too.

Village Food Status and Charity (both ways) 


--- Quote ---This brought me to a new idea that villagers' food stocks could naturally fluctuate and lead to different relationships or even "mini quests" in the process.

If the village has plenty of food and the PC is starving and has a decent relationship with the village, how about some occasional offers of food to the PC when they chat with villagers? Or increased chance of chores quest being offered to give PC trading credit?

On the reverse side, if the village is doing poorly ("bad hunting" or "crops failed this summer") perhaps there could be an opportunity for the PC to earn status/gratitude/friends by gifting some of their food supplies? Some of my long termers have pretty astronomical amounts of food hoarded and it would be nice to have a social purpose for it.
--- End quote ---

Yep, this would suit the game nicely. One thing that it requires would be to track and generate village resources in more detail, and that leans heavily towards accomplishing village and society simulation. It’s been discussed before that our time and interest is limited to go into that direction too heavily, but to some extent yes.
Charity, or actually generosity, can be witnessed already to some extent as characters with good reputation may be asked for lower prices. But just asking and offering food could be added – again.
See, we’ve had asking for food in action back in the day. Villagers did decide individually if they would hand out some food. This was often exploited as players could toss away their carried food, starve a little, and then run around villages asking for food. But now if this was linked to reputation it would work in better fashion.

Separate control access for dogs&followers


--- Quote ---With dogs and or followers in tow, visiting villages and settlements can be bit tedious when [C]hat defaults to animal/follower and not chat.
So I suggest to move to dog (& follower) commands to ‘!’ From ‘C’ (as ‘c’ is close, and ^c is Cooking)
Logic here would be to command the others vs chat with your dog to Come, Doggo Come!; when you don’t even see the beast.
--- End quote ---

This has bothered me too many times, and been suggested earlier also. It’s likely that we’ll separate chat and commands in relatively near future. Been thinking about the actual command key and ‘!’ feels quite intuitive, although it would always be best to find a way to utilize existing commands and conditions. But the current system is indeed burdensome.

--- Quote ---Also when visible, but out of conversation range, I need to turn away: not to see the dog, to be able to call it to come closer. Otherwise I get prompted “you get no response, get closer”
--- End quote ---

This could be solved easily by having “Come  here “ as all-time and not visibility based dog command. Wouldn’t hurt anyone’s playstyle either, so I guess we’ll put it in effect.

Alternative quest reward.


--- Quote ---So my character received a find herbs, burdock, for old man quest. My herb lores not great and I don't recognize it. This got me thinking. If I was actually there I would ask what burdock looked like where it likes to grow? So I suggest the following. On gather herb quest the old men should also say something like it grows in fields or it likes river banks. I don't want a quest area circle just terrain preference. Second I think they " show" you what it looks like so you at least have a 1 out of 2 or 3 chance of recognizing out it in the field.
--- End quote ---

Hmm. The way I see it with quests is that not every character is able to do them all - and there's nothing wrong if they therefore have to abandon some quests right away.
This is different from (quite general) viewpoint where there should be options and aids to allow every character complete every quest.
There's character's dialog lines within this quest such as:
"Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the plants around here."
...and other ways to be fair with the sage about being weak with herblore. If that's the case, those lines can be used.

If I was to add character's dialog line such as "Could you describe this plant and tell me where it grows?" I'd be sure also to add sage's response "Well, if that's the level of your expertise in this matter then I have no use for herb pickers such as yourself." That's how I'd imagine those sages to act. Wanting help from somebody who really can help.


When it comes herb knowledge as a reward that’s something we could consider. I guess you can already get skill knowledge rewards from NPCs including herblore too, so the results of learning new properties that way exists. (Unless I remember wrong about herblore being part of skill knowledge rewards) But having plant properties revealed right away would be a new approach.
Takes some pondering to think about convenient way to handle this, but there are many options.
It’s been suggested before that you could manually ask sages about certain plant properties so the reward could be “Thanks, and now if you’re ever in need of plant identification just come ask”.
Many possbilities. We’ll see where it goes.



--- Quote ---Ask for location of village well
--- End quote ---

Would be quite simple addition, we’ll consider and likely add it up soon. I don’t consider those little village puddles always being wells, so the question will probably end up to be something like “Where’s your water supply?”.

The End.


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