Topic: Cruel hand of Winter?  (Read 5109 times)

Tom H

« on: March 02, 2020, 04:21:19 AM »
Once again, one of my Companions, a hunter, has drowned during a crossing of the rapids in winter. Curiously, I was also traveling with an adventurer who survived the trek. More curious is that this was a RETURN trip, and the hunter had survived the initial crossing.

Does anyone have any insights into why they are drowning? Their burdens were unchanged and the crossing was in the morning and both travelers were fresh. Neither was wounded (we'd been building a new camp) and the passage was done quickly, no halts.


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Where you swimming? Maybe he was just a bit too tired, or he took a bit longer and the cold was too much, don't really know if these things are tracked tough, they seem pretty happy to run around in their undergarments in winter with no problem.


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I thought they can't die this way.


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I think they aren't meant to die this way and that it might be a bug.

Tom H

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I was on a raft and took a direct path across from a large island on a river across rapids. The Companions and my animals all swam across. It is actually a rather long crossing, as rapids go. The previous time I lost a Companion to drowning was on a large lake, as I rafted across it. That time it was, obviously, not winter.

I wonder if there's a swimming stat for Companions/npcs that varies among them? Since he'd already made the trip once, it seems that whatever allows them to drown is a variable. I think that if my character had tried to swim that distance with his limited ability, he would have drowned. Maybe the temperature was different from the first crossing.


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If you are on a raft, companions and animals are treated as being in the raft with you. Might be a bug as mentioned before.

Tom H

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If you are on a raft, companions and animals are treated as being in the raft with you. Might be a bug as mentioned before.

Hmm, It's too long ago for me to recall what type of Companion the first drowned guy was. I wonder if it is a bug solely within the hunter class?

Tom H

« Reply #7 on: March 14, 2020, 06:17:38 AM »
I lost another one. This time, it was an Adventurer. Same place but in summer this time, so, it's possible that it's not about the weather.

I noticed that this guy had taken almost total damage on a Fine leather Cap and about 10% damage to a leather cuirass, both of which had been undamaged when I gave them to him. All he'd done with me is go to the island camp and lend a hand to my building of walls. Does drowning damage clothing/equipment?

 I was bringing in tree trunks from across the rapids and he had made the initial trip to the island and a subsequent trip for lumber. So, I guess this was his 4th venture across the rapids. It seems I just won't be able to bring Companions there.


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I think you hit him with the paddle on the head without noticing, while you were in turbulent rapids... 8)

If i were sami, i would pay you for reporting those rare incidents, even reproducing them ;D
Aint you that guy who told about beeing murdered in sleep as well?

anyway, i guess its not meant to be that way(on topic)