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« on: February 09, 2020, 11:57:42 AM »
Regardless of how I start my new session, they end up like building cottage, making giant plantation, slaughtering foreign traders, and collecting bunch of masterwork weapons. Quests are sometimes almost irrational because quest-givers usually point out quest locations so vaguely, and mostly unrewarding except lucky paw or herbal blend.

I think it's time to add contents about village intercourse which requires constant managements and diplomacy. Husbandry(with baby animal birth and growth) would be nice too.

Tom H

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I've thought it might be interesting to have village Sages request journeys to acquire/deliver/trade their medicines to other tribes. Maybe villages could hire the character to build structures for them if he's highly skilled, or to tan their hides. 

Shouldn't Foreign Traders have a few armed guards? Do villagers ever take their flocks and herds into the fields? Shouldn't it take a while to train dogs for hunting?