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Tom H

« on: October 17, 2019, 07:37:11 PM »
There's a village that's a quick walk away from the little lake where I built my cabin. I always keep good relations with villages, never murder Companions, rob their fields. Yet, for some reason, this village considers me a 'nuisance'. The only thing I can think of that might have affected their opinion is the time I entered the village and shortly thereafter a Njerp and his dog attacked the villagers. (He's the reason I went in- to see if he'd attack there)

So, I looted the Njerp, against whom I did nothing in the fighting, and I skinned/butchered his dog. (I'm assuming it was the Njerp's dog because the villagers were fighting it, not one of their own that got hit by them and turned on them) All the fighting and my looting were actually outside the village commons, a few steps into the surrounding woods.

So, I guess my question is, is there some taboo I might have committed that I don't know about? And, Will I be able to change their nasty attitudes with gifts?


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Note that the village's domain extends to surrounding tiles that are "cultivated", i.e. fields and grazing grounds (I think there may be additional categories), in which case they may have objections to you looting "their" kills there (while they know about it, which they obviously did in this case).

If it actually was in the woods I don't know, but you did loot their kills (although hunters are supposed to not care if you take the leftovers in the latest additions to the game)...

I'd expect their attitude to improve over time if you do nothing, and faster if you trade with them and perform quests for them (provided they're willing to give you quests, of course). I'd also expect gifts to help, but I've never engaged my characters in gift giving (but usually don't bother to cash in "monetary" quest rewards either).

I know of one way to become an undesirable in the eyes of a single villager: perform a certain quest and then inform a particular individual of your involvement (description intentionally vague, of course), and I never turned that individual around, while the rest of the village was or good terms with that character.

Tom H

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I've made a first attempt at gifting various villagers with small amounts of smoked meat.

There is one anomaly. There's a single villager, an adventurer, who does NOT have any animosity towards me. It's as though he doesn't really belong there. Do villages get visits from wanderers? Do adventurers count as villagers?


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The only "visitors" I've seen are wounded adventurers (which may have healed up beyond giving you a quest: I haven't seen that, but I believe that's the result of a bug fix to an issue where the adventurer was gone when people returned with the item), and "lost in the forest cover" travelers that may hang around for a little while.

In addition to that you have spawned characters such as quest targets, and I don't know if they pick up the general mood or start at neutral.

As far as I've seen village adventurers are just like any other villagers (as opposed to the adventurers you encounter in the wilderness).

Tom H

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Wow! Now they're telling me they hoped they'd never have to see me again! Wish there was a way to lead bears and Njerps to that village. They're really pissing me off...


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Wow! Now they're telling me they hoped they'd never have to see me again! Wish there was a way to lead bears and Njerps to that village. They're really pissing me off...
You can do that, but I don't see why you'd want to donate their meat/gear to them. Just get them to chase your character, but since they'd be breathless by the time they enter the village the only real danger to the villagers are their reckless firing of missiles (and your character can get some of that too: that's happened to my characters when trying to help out [without first leading the Njerp to the village])

Dungeon Smash

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Maybe they just get the wrong vibe from you?