Topic: I need a 3.60 Beta biy_glossary.txt  (Read 1481 times)


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I'm pretty sure in my copying around files to work on the BAC I overwrote the 3.60 Beta biy_glossary.txt

Can someone please post it here for me to download

This is for the steam version of the 3.60 beta file sets not the normal released version


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I don't see why there would be any differences in the files between the lifetimer and Steam versions. I believe you could just rename your UrW directory to something else and then reinstall UrW (or copy the directory and "repair" it) to get hold of the proper vanilla version of the file.
I'm following the lifetimer rather than the Steam route (typically using alternatives to Steam whenever there is one), so I guess you might not be interested in my copy anyway, in case it might be different for some reason.


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Except BAC has a biy_glossary and I probably copied a BAC one over the vanilla 3.60 Beta so need the 3.60 Beta one as I no longer have it on this install


Suppose I can try the "repair"

In theory I should just be able to dump BAC, except its biy, on top

Would have preferred to have one for other management methods

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Well that worked out and with a useful side bit of information. By sorting by date I could see that the cookery glossary was ALSO modified going into 3.60 Beta so i need to fix that file in BAC too.