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I would like to suggest the following, in order to make the gameplay less tedious:

1. Player not awaking from their sleep due to rain or snow.

2. Rowing a punt or a raft into a tile of weak ice (ice that cannot be walked on) will automatically break the ice and move to the tile.

3. Player being able to notice the taste different (delicious, tasty, plain, bland, etc.) of food before eating them.

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4. Player should always get up from "fallen" state to walking on the world map, unless an injury to the leg prevents it.
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JEB Davis

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1.  Changing this would IMHO be much too unrealistic.

2.  I like this suggestion.

3.  You can already do this by canceling the eating before finished. I call it "tasting" the food.

Dungeon Smash

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the first one, your character can sleep in the rain if they are utterly exhausted.  which makes sense imo, i think it should stay the way it is. 

I like the second idea.