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Bard of Prey

« on: July 06, 2019, 11:32:20 PM »
Anybody bored and want to help alpha-test my half-completed mod?

So far, I've implemented the following, along with extensive building and cookery mods and a bunch of stuff added to/changed from vanilla submenus:

.Harvesting.   -H-   *MAKE*
.Carving.   -V-   *MAKE*
.Pottery.   -P-   *MAKE*
.Waxwork.   -X-   *MAKE*
.Metal Casting.   -M-   *MAKE*
.Ties and Wires.   -I-   *MAKE*
.Cookware.   -O-   *MAKE*
.Cast Weapons.   -A-   *MAKE*
.Jewelry.   -J-   *MAKE*

Iron- and steel-working are still pending, along with anything to do with clothing/armour, etc.  Metal casting/jewelry includes copper, bronze, silver and gold (along with quartz, also used to make porcelain).
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