Topic: Loose treasure disappearing?  (Read 1464 times)

Saiko Kila

« on: March 18, 2019, 09:29:06 PM »
I had one travel quest which gave a location of treasure. Unlike other travel quests for this character the treasure was on a cliff, in a "chasm". I received rewards with this "chasm" treasure, and it was always just present in a recess in the ground in the cliff area.

However, with this particular one I just couldn't find it. There are many cliffs in the region, but I believe I checked all of them multiple times, spending like whole month nearby (and hunting seals out of boredom in meantime). I even dig a few holes in chasm-like places, but to no avail. Anyone had this happen, i.e. no treasure? There was a bug which was doing something like this, but that was for three-boulders and buried treasure. But maybe there is a random chance that I was "had", and the traveller just got a free travel service with meals at my expense...


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I think it's possible for others to find (and claim) treasures, yes, just like it's possible for players to find treasures without directions (never happened to me, though).

Saiko Kila

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But the others are abstracted (a chance), or real guys, like vagabonds, who you could find and persuade to part with treasure?

I've found treasures without direction, heh, in caves (in. 3.40). Also in 3.40 the speech promising treasure was specific enough, that it was possible to find them before escorting the guy (especially if in cave), so it was kind of finding with "indirection", and I did it couple of times. But not finding treasure at all reminds me of the maintenance bug, which was clearing the treasure before it could be found. So I probably will send the save game to Sami anyway.