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If it's not too difficult to code, can we have dual wielding of knives, and the ability to throw 2 rocks or knives in the same action?

Sometimes you need extra firepower to deal more damage before the enemy closes in, so you should be able to throw 2 small objects at once. There's a higher chance that at least one hits too.

Also, knives don't deal that much raw damage, but dual wielding should even the playing field somewhat. There are higher chances to hit your target because you are stabbing twice in one action. Of course, it should be more tiring to dual rather than single wield. And if your skill is too low, you can't do it, or you have a chance of losing ur balance if you do so. This should incentivise the player to consider using knives, as currently they really aren't worth the time due to low attack and defense bonus. Oh and two knives (if they are not small knives) should allow you to parry enemy weapons now, as they form a cross to catch weapons inside the overlapping part of the X.


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You can already dual-wield: if you have a weapon in each hand, you can block or attack with each for an action. The idea of hitting somebody with both weapons at once is something for staged choreography and fantasy roleplay: you don't gain anything by doing so, and you can't hit from two different sides at once with any force, and it's really clumsy and self-defeating. This is the same reason it's not physically possible to throw two javelins/rocks in one action with any effectiveness--your body simply doesn't move that way. You generate power for your strikes in large part by rotating your shoulders and hips, and you can either rotate your left side forward or your right side forward. You can thrust yourself forward square to your opponent and generate power that way, but (a) this is a bad idea, since you have shorter range and make yourself a larger target, and (b) you're still only going to hit from one direction.

There is quite a lot of historical material on using two weapons at once, not from the target period but from the late middle ages onwards. You'll see in these materials that people either strike with just one of the weapons, using the other to defend, or strike with these weapons in turn. The system already simulates the historical use of dual wielding, so nothing needs to be changed.

Ara D.

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 To piggy back on those thoughts Miyamoto Musashi wrote in his book of five rings that one sword is used to control the flow of battle and the other to kill. But you did make me think that weapons should have speed I slow character with a knife should be able to strike faster than a quick on swinging a heavy axe.