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Why can't the chracter or animals jump?

The character should be able to jump across small bodies of water (with a running start) in pursuit of prey, rather than going the long way round, to save time. Jumping would also help to avoid getting wet and cold.

Some of the smarter or stronger animals like lynxes should be able to jump across small bodies of water or certain traps. This would make hunting more challenging. Currently, you just need to chase prey into mires and you are almost guaranteed success because they don't jump across water. Something is wrong with how easy hunting is now.

If jumping is too difficult to code then nvm.


Ara D.

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 I do agree that prey should wade through shallow water, but jumping for the player not so much. Most of the time I am carrying a load that would make jumping difficult. Also I am trying to remember the size of a zoomed in tile. I want to say that it is 3 meters but I could be very wrong about that, if it is 3 meters that would be a large jump. Wolves already "jump" fences.


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I believe tiles are 2*2 meters, which means the larger tiles in the world are 100 * 100 meters (i.e. one hectare).

JEB Davis

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Yup, the tiles are 2 x 2 meters. Most unencumbered people can jump over 1 tile, and it would be a realistic addition to the game.
Of course the weight you're carrying should DRASTICALLY affect your jumping ability.

Whitetail deer can jump incredibly high and far (I know they're not in UrW).
I don't know about reindeer, elk, moose, etc.

Check youtube for a video of a lynx jumping over a stream... its quite a leap!

If it can be done with the AI realistically, I hope jumping gets on the dev's list for all animals/people.


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I've heard that some reindeer can positively fly....  ;)

   - Shane

Saiko Kila

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Elks (which are usually known as "moose" by United Statesians or Canadians) are the biggest deer, and can jump very well, I'd say they can clear higher fences than wolves. They can also both swim (up to 20 km) and wade, and even dive (submerge) with no problem, often eating vegetation from the lake or river bottom (they can hold breath for ~50 seconds).

They actually are capable of submerging to escape wolves, though against a single human they would prefer to just run, running faster than any hunter.

Reindeer don't frequent my country, but the photos of reindeer fences in Finland I saw suggest that 2m should be enough. As all deer then cam jump forward (though not as far as elks it seems), and of course can swim.

If I was implementing jumping, I would correlate it with size somehow, for example calf couldn't jump as far as adults. But I know that even youngest reindeer calves can outrun a human.