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As the game based on history and tradition there need to be some lyric support for it. Let me begin with the people from the east who are in the game the enemy and bring some acknowledgement to their cultures. As you see the hero in the video is wearing red and a lamellar cuirass.


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No one participate? No problem ill tell you a story.

One night in Chalmg Tangtsch our adventurer had a dream of place more far in the east.

He did not decide to trave more far to the east but joined a group of traders to go back to Skandinavia the next day. This evening he listened to the local sound where he ha a spot light vision of a far away place.

When the group reached the shores of the Baltic Sea the changing weather of late autum forced them to stay to recover.


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Waiting for better weather a person approached the adventurer with a message. It came from the Shaman of his village. His brother was sick and could only be healed by a medicine from a place far in the south what he even cant imagine. One of the traders of his group told him to try to find travellers to to there by sea avoiding the western continent, sourronding it in the west.

The one thing he leaned in the east was that there is an „Eastern Bow“, by far stonger than everything than Skandivavian or western continent people can imagine. His tribe would not be able able to craft it on their own. He would have to try to trade for it or fight for it. In a vision he saw a book where future and past collide, from where he would be able to find some information about it.

For now he could not care for it but has to try to find the medicine for his brother. Searching several days he found a goup of people who were intending to take the proposed route. He left the shores of Latvija to the west. Travelling for days by boat he sensed refections of the center continent he was passing and left behind in the south.

Before turning to the south they rested. Winter was about to begin and the people there were going to celebrate.


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Resting - the real art of archry he found did not leave him in peace.

Even they went off and turned to the south. At the Cape of Aremorica he heard the sound of a diffenrent ages conflict in the wind.

Passing the coasts it seemed as if the winter faded away strangly unexpected and they reached a place from where the desert spread. He had to change from the sea the a way through the desert. A commercial caravan trail. Days went by and finally he reached the land in the south of the desert area.

Missing language skills it wasnt easy to talk to the local shamans, but in the end he was sure finding the right medicine. Holding 10 bunches of unknown desert herbal blend, he had to plan his way back but sand storms prevent traveling for several days.
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When the weather changed he joined again the caravan of the people of the central desert.


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Passing Tombouce no cloud was seen and reaching the sea again after a while this time near a town, where merchants of the whole the mediterran region providing a permanent market.

Again on board a fleet of several triremes took course north bound, passing Tartessos and Galicia towards Britannia where most of them stopped purchasing tin ore in bigger amounts. Good wind supporting the jouney brought them fast sensing the winter hard. Travellers told about agitation in the Baltic Sea when a part of the group, who was traveling to Scandinavia decided to follow a nothern route to the Thouli.

Rough wind around rocky islands in the north forced the adventurer in dream listening the sound of the Gael.

Finally half frozen they reached the fiord coast of Thuli recovering in a larger village when a shaman was singing a song.


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There is some interesting music here. Im only a few in. Its nice to see the different culture representation.


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Some day he had to get home even if it was not a good season for travelling. The snow was deep and those fastly prepared skis were not the best. Therefore and even more because of mountain area he slowly came forward and meanwhile there was not much to spent anymore, if he did not like to sell his best equipment. He decided to stay hungry.

Coming to the the north of Touli he recognized the culture there was already more similar to his own one.

In some villages he asked for directions, and the people told him to turn to the south east now. With a south western wind a first smell of flowering trees were in the air and the snow would be about melting. He thought it was not far anymore getting home. One late morning from a hill he saw a „human shaped figure in the heathland there“. Looked like an adventurer, but at home he heard stories that this can come out wose to try to meet someone out there. He tried to look from closer, few hundred meters about only left.

Strangely he was not able from so close to see if it was one person or more. Possibly the sprits were hiding the reality from him. He was not recogniced and he heard singing now.

This was known to him and it seemd to him as if the spirits and the wind joined the singing. But then the singing turned more rough.

He fastly decided to avoid a meeting and took his way home straightly. He reached his village safe. A small forester village one day walking from the east of Owl and Koivula lands to north eastern way. He was aware that this very lucky journey could have turned out worse in the last moment.

Modestly he gave his treasure to the village shaman. Ten bunches of a southern herbal blend. He had no knowledge about it but he looked at the shaman. The shaman was like far away as he examined it and he send our adventurer away telling him that this is not for him now to be understood.

Here at home the songs didnt turn rough anymore. Under treatment of the shaman using different herbs his brother was slowly recovering.

The adventurer had to join his parents now to prepare the seeds and the fields for seed time. Until autum he would not travel anymore.