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« on: March 27, 2019, 11:38:06 AM »
Hi, my first mod here. Pick&copy code you want and paste them in your biy_.../diy_...
Code: [Select]
[SUBMENU_START:utility article]This allow you "dry" dead Njerpez for dog food.
Since all of my dogs is barking starving all day, I made this.
Code: [Select]
.Jerk jerky. "Pike" [effort:2] [phys:arms] *COOKERY* (8) /120/ \11d\ %0% |-2| [noquality]
{Cutting weapon}
{*dead njerpez *} 'Human carcass in inventory' (1) [remove] [name:Jerk %s jerky] [naming:last word]
{[TILE:Inside of a building]} +'A place for dry-aging'
{Knife} <Hunting knife>
{Tying equipment} [remove]
Standing for 12 days, Your dogs will love this stale, even spoil jerky.
WARNING:Thou shalt not consume this jerky. It's for doggy only.

And I want my fishing net repaired as cloth did. Here we go.
Code: [Select]
.Repair Net. "Net" [effort:3] [phys:arms] -R- *FISHING* /120/ %0% |-2|
{* Net} (1) [remove]
{Knife} <Fisher's knife>
{Wooden stake} (2) [remove]
{Cord} #1# [remove]
Input is a net beyond usable condition. Output is a usable, same quality net.

I need some ropes right now. How about untie a loop snare?
Code: [Select]
.Untie loop snare. "Rope" [effort:0] [phys:hands,one-armed] *TRAPPING* /15/ %0% |-2| [noquality] [patch]
{loop snare} [remove] [patchwise]
Code: [Select]
[SUBMENU_END:utility article]
 Make your own sauna room

A sauna stove
Code: [Select]
.Sauna stove. "Sauna stove" -U- [effort:3] [phys:arms,stance,one-armed] *BUILDING* /240/ %50% [indoors]
{Stone} (35) [ground] [remove]

And a sauna scoop
Code: [Select]
.Sauna scoop. [effort:2] [phys:arms] *CARPENTRY* /120/ %10%  [noquality]
{Block of wood} [remove]
{Axe} <Handaxe> 'An axe for rough cutting'
{Axe} <Carving axe> 'An axe for carving' [optional]
{Knife} <Small Knife> 'A knife for shaping'

And here's my little yard. Cute forest reindeer doe, isn't she?
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« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2019, 11:51:15 AM »
Further Explanation
"A place for dry-aging" means indoor gound.
Jerk jerky need dead Njerpez in your item inventory, which weighs 100+ lbs. You'd better haul it to indoor place then [p]ick it up.

Dog accept raw, spoiled meat. That how it works.
But [SPOILAGE_DAYS:] accept only integrity, so I can't make this jerky inedible once it complete.
There's one day period that player may be able to consume it. (after roast immediately or eat raw)
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