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The ability to name or label a peice of equipment


Labtop 215:
Basically, one thing that I've found when amassing loot, is that it's easy to lose track of equipment that you have used oath of iron on if you get multiples of it.  Like the handaxe.  Especially since you can get multiple hand axe's and split into two different piles from robbers without the oath of iron.  It can be easy to lose track of your "main" weapon this way, at least until you end up trying to trade it anyway.

If you could label your equipment somehow, it would be easier to keep track of.  It could be as simple as carving an "x" into the object.  I dunno.

its a nice idea

code wise there could be a 'display name' field added to the database. If 'display name' is empty then display the original name. This way it could be compatible with existing saves


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