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Create saplings (they could be available in autumn using timbercraft menu) which can be used for growing tree. A tree would grow in two game-years.
If i have male and female dog, one kid-dog can spawn per 6 months and each kid would need one year to become adult.  The same for cows-bulls, sows-pigs to have farm for meat.
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Create saplings (they could be available in autumn using timbercraft menu) which can be used for growing tree. A tree would grow in two game-years.

Do you mean saplings should grow to full size trees in two game-years? Why...
Conifers are still saplings even after a decade.
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Also your animal birth rate is off while gestation for most animals are shorter than humans you need to take into account the added time to wean young and more importantly the physical strain and food demands would keep most animals other than small rodent like creature to one offspring per year. Also even in, the balmy, compared to Finland, 40° latitudes where I hail from winter is nasty enough to keep most animals to a seasonal birth pattern and to one birth a year. To piggy back on this suggestion Sammi when you implement birth female dog's hunting abilities should be hampered at a certain level of pregnancy.


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Ok, a tree needs about 100 years to gain "adult" height. But who will wait so long in the game? A tree spawns in one day in minecraft. This is too fast. I think 2 years are enough for slender trees and maybe 4 years for big trees.
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Well, in real life people HAVE to wait 100 years to log a sapling in the northern parts of Finland, while the southern ones may get away with only 80, or possibly even 70. Despite this, Finland manages to have a healthy forest industry. Planting saplings of forest trees is a rather new phenomenon, though: in the old days trees were cut selectively and new saplings appeared naturally.


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UrW is a game which contains many unrealistic things. So you can enable faster tree growth.


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You're looking for a different kind of game... UrW is based on reality with the magic based on actual historical beliefs regarding the magic. In addition there are a few things that are unrealistic because of imperfections in the simulation and concessions made for playability.

One of the imperfections of the simulation is that slash-and-burn farming exhausts the soil in a few years, so the farm plots have to be moved, which eventually leads to a need to move the homestead/village. However, I think soil depletion is one of the things that is intended to be implemented.