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Tom H

« on: October 08, 2018, 03:54:39 AM »
I've made a decent pair of skis and ski sticks. It took little time to achieve Grandmaster status with them. However, the drawback to them is that having both hands occupied slows down my response to encounters, having to UNwield and REwield for weapons. But, I've found a method which may be an exploit.

I use letter 'A' to wield ONE ski stick and can put a weapon in the other hand. When I have my skis on, with only one ski stick, it still says my movement is skiing. Also, I can free the ski stick hand by just using the letter key for it, thus allowing dual hand use immediately, without having to UNwield everything to free both hands, so achieving the best stats for my Kaumo spear.

So, my question is, is one hand skiing an exploit?


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No and the Northern spear works as a ski pole :O
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Tom H

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Aye, but at 7 pounds weight, per spear? Anyway, I've traveled to 4 clan areas, none of which have any Northern tools/weapons so that's not an option, nor is any Kaumo stuff available. I'm wielding a ski stick and javelin when traveling, so I can take a shot at birds or if I don't have time to switch weapons, can utilize the javelin with my spear skill. But the Northern spear is a great suggestion!


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The usage of two ski sticks is a rather modern thing. In the old days a single pole was used, and I suspect it would be similar to using a sesta with a raft (and I suspect you'd usually use two hands rather than one). As indicated, you'd use a single Northern spear as the single ski pole. Now, in UrW you can still have a javelin in the other hand and throw it (at the target) to free up that hand for dual wielded spear usage.

Somewhere on this forum there's a link to a discussion of old time skiing, including some depictions from, I think, the 16:th century where a single pole was used both to one side (like a paddle or sesta) and between the legs.