Topic: Stop and resume a task/craft?  (Read 7334 times)


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Just a quick question: Can you start a task, then stop and continue?

Say I am making a bow and I need to eat or rest to get rid of fatigue penalty. Can I stop making the bow do what I need to do then continue where I was? Or do I need to fill the task bar in one sitting?

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No, you can't pause activities such as making a bow. However, some actions, like building walls etc. has the option to pause and resume work at a later time.

That is marked by the green text you can see in the attached picture.


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More tasks should eventually be interruptible & resumable, but few are currently. It can be noted that those that can be interrupted will automatically pause the task when you're too tired (due to fatigue and/or needing to sleep) while those that can not will continue the task until it's finished, at which time your character immediately falls asleep if too exhausted (which is annoying when the extremely long and heavy tanning task also leaves the character extremely hungry, losing further nutrition levels during the sleep).
Some tasks will refuse to start at all if they would take too long (typically involving tools unsuitable for the task, such as e.g. stone axes), and some, which are borderline cases, will start only if the duration roll was favorable.