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« on: July 05, 2018, 06:39:42 AM »
This isn't an extreme challenge by any means, but I was inspired by Nekot's "The Challenge" and Lurcolm's Reddit post where he wanted to play a crafter.

The "Craft Dinner" Challenge is simple. You survive by crafting and crafting only.

No hunting, no trapping, no fishing, no farming, no cannibalism.

You survive by crafting and trading for food or picking berries. You are also allowed to cook and bake.


You are not allowed to butcher or process any animal or human carcasses for meat or trade.

Pretend that you were raised by an affluent peasant family in Iron Age Finland where they shipped you off to learn artisanal handiworks from a master crafter. However, your well-meaning family neglected to teach you the fine art of self-sufficiency and wilderness survival, and after a wave of influenza killed everyone you know, you are left on your own to survive.

You have now entered the "Craft Dinner" challenge.