Topic: Is there any way to turn the rendering of rain and snow off?  (Read 12639 times)


« on: August 01, 2017, 07:22:23 AM »
Hey everyone, I'm new here!

I came here to ask you all if you could help me out - my laptop is incredibly terrible and every time it starts raining/snowing, it cannot handle the rendering of it and thus starts lagging, a lot (probably down to 5 FPS or so).

Can you tell me if there's any way to turn the rendering of rain and snow off? I adore this game and I would be really bothered if I had to stop playing it because of this problem. Many thanks in advance!

JEB Davis

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You could try setting these to see if it helps:


and / or


in the file:    urw_ini.txt


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Thank you! I had to enable both of them but it's fixed now. Shame the game looks a little worse but oh well, thanks very much!  ;D


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VoxelMush. You surely could wait up. I'm quite sure that the next release (if not the very next, then soon enough) this thing will be "corrected".

In the develop section there is a post tittle something like "little random additions" in which the developer said it will be added a "single tile effect for weather". (seems that how the game works the snow/rain effects are likely a "layer" on top of all, getting all slowed down). With this addition, every tile of the map will change into "rainy/snowy" version of, which i assume will kill this lag we - the people using not so fast computers - suffer.

JEB Davis have just solved your question.

My advice... once it is updated, try to switch it on again.

Good trips!
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