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There once was a man named Squeeky, a Kaumolais warrior of spears. He wasn't very sneaky, but he made his foes flee in fear.
He went to start his journey, travelling far off from his home. Those bandits did him tourney, near where Sartolais once did roam.

They asked him for his weapons, and he scoffed at those fools' commands. These bandits came near seven, each came with axes in his hands.
His first did fall so quickly, he felt just near invincible. The second struck too swiftly, and his cut was too terrible.

From all sides they kept coming, until he found those shielding trees. From one side they came rushing, and his duty set their souls free.
One remained at a distance, his bow still so softly twanging. A survivor this instance, where there should be only nothing?

Squeeky charged at his arrows, ignoring their deathly pierces. Just a man's soul would harrow, but Kaumolais is the fiercest.
His adventure was ended, so soon after it had begun. The bandit's corpse was rended, but Squeeky's will was left undone.
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