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« on: May 18, 2018, 05:26:41 AM »
I think adding wind effects to the simulation would be a great benefit to the game.  This would add to the depth of the world in several ways.

We could have blizzards where high winds would cause low visibility and rapid heat loss, creating deadly conditions.  Weatherlore could help a survivor predict an incoming storm, prompting them to take shelter or at least seek a heavily wooded area.

Stalking prey downwind would be extra challenging because smells drifts toward them.  This might necessitate careful planning of a hunting expedition or the use of a ritual to mask a character's scent.

Strong and especially gusty wind conditions could cause projectiles to veer off course, especially long range shots.  Blowdown could cause trees to uproot and fall.

On the other end dead calm conditions might cause sound to travel extra far, I'm thinking of Sami's whistling arrow shot from the recent video.

Clearly this would be a large effort as it would change many existing systems.


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yes please.

it could be implemented in stages.

first make it actually happen, just for decoration.
then, make it impact heat.
then, make it impact sleep.
then, make it impact hunting.
then, make it impact crops.

step by step. and make it random, like snow. having a year where winter lasted longer then usual and there are many storms in summer would mean poor harvest, adding an extra challenge.


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Yes, I love this. It would be great combined with wetness effects (again, impacting on all things you mentioned).

A winter's snowstorm shouldn't be a day to march out even covered in furs, or to stay in the wild with only a fire to warm you. Windproof and/or waterproof clothes could gain the edge against purely "warm" clothes (eg, sealskin overcoat over wool clothes during spring/autumn to protect from wetness while keeping decently warm).