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So the idea was inspired by the "odd jobs" quest that I've seen come up and completed and the fact that I don't see why ANYONE (or any village) would want or need 300 fox traps.

The idea is that you would ask a villager if you could help their community in some way. The villager would respond, "Well, we could all use about 40 boards and a couple fox traps. Joe needs some firewood. Bob is always wanting furs. Jill could use a new pot and some wooden bowls. And little Timmy wants a small knife to play with. We are also short on food and weapons. The rye is ready and we could use an extra hand in harvesting it."

You could also have it so that each villager knew what the village needed as a whole but would only tell you what they want specifically.

By fulfilling their needs, either leaving the items in houses or by giving it to the specific villager that wanted the item, they would give you credit or bonus credit depending on the item/difficulty to attain.

If you brought too many of the item they could say they appreciated the gesture but they don't know what to do with 90 boards or 3 pots. And they would selfishly keep them anyway >:D

If you try to walk off with something when low on credit they could say, "Sorry friend, we still need that, maybe after you helped our small community a little more we might be more willing to part with it."

Though similar to a quest and possibly could appear in the quest log it could say something like "The village of Snow-Hoof needs... "
and then list off what the village and the villagers have asked for and it would not end but just be updated.


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sometimes npc's ask for your help, like gathering stones or branches. simple jobs. they give you credit for these jobs, so in a way you already have them.

to bad for you most finnish people are good at what they do and live a chill life, they dont want or need help.

to ask help is to speak to other, to speak to other, is horror. no ask help, no horror.