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left my cabin this morning, gathering stones for the paths on my homestead (when finished, i'll Screenshot that to for y'all to see)

anyway, this picture is why you should get a bull, when doing large building projects.

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Anyone know the max load of a bull?  The wiki had said 273, but I appear to have loaded a 415lb elk carcass (skinned) onto a bull to bring back to a cellar.


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there is no fixed load, like your character your bull/cow/ram/sheep/reindeer/dog/pig/sow will have their max carry weight based on their weight.


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I believe a big cow should be capable of carrying a log (400 lbs), and a big bull might be able to carry a tree trunk (500 lbs). I know my current character's big cow can't carry a tree trunk, but previous characters' big cows have been able to carry a log (which I've used both to move logs and to simplify the execution of a certain quest involving a log).


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Thanks for the explanations and references.
The cow I had been using for transport (and milk) had topped somewhere around 250 and the bull was a significant difference to what I had been expecting.  It wasn't even a big bull.  I think I'll need to find one of those.
I did expect some variation but this came as a pleasant surprise based on expectation. 


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a big bull might be able to carry a tree trunk (500 lbs).

a big bull can carry a tree trunk. mine can. i can even add several stones to it after that.

i think somewhere around 600 lbs.
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You may be talking about bulls but you ain't talking no bull!. My current survivor Captain Kaumolainen has two big bull buddy's called Cupboard and Trucker. They're a serious storage option that doubles as a meat shield in a pinch. You can even successfully sneak with bulls for some strange reason. I may be remembering this wrong I believe a normal bull can carry a tree trunk too. I've used bulls to travel around camp and then down river with a raft gathering trunks and stones near the shore for a more ecological way of building a hut. Also doubles as a way of scouting the area and finding game. Bulls are expensive but killing a couple of Njerpez will likely bag you enough riches for a big bull.


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I always walk with bull. It carries all tools and staff so I can lower weight and decrease skill penalty.


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What about bears? Wolves? If they attack your bull? I doubt about its' mobility :D


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My limited experience indicates predators tend to attack the character, dogs, and companions rather than your draft animals.

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I have a small bull. I'm finding that, regardless of weight, there is a maximum number of items they can carry, too.


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Everything has a maximum item (stack) limit. Animals, rafts, companions,... The PCs item stack limit is higher than the other limits, but there's a limit for the PC as well. Everyone can carry a stack of 10000 black grouse feathers, as that is a single item stack. Carrying capacity is thus limited both by weight and stack count, whichever is hit first. Thus, have your bull carry your heaviest stacks and the PC the lighter ones.

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Palu- Yeah, I didn't figure that out for about 4 game months...heh. My small bull caps out a little over 470, so it's probably 475. I didn't calculate for the last few pounds.