Topic: Showing alias of plant after figured out  (Read 674 times)


« on: July 17, 2017, 02:46:56 PM »
Planting some seeds, that were given by game course and unidentified at first as cool seed and coarse seed and figured out by using herblore skill later, keep showing alias instead of real name as attached picture.


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Note that just because you've identified plants/seeds of a given type it doesn't mean you know them. There is a learning window where some may be identified when you try and some not (and that is an opportunity to train your herblore on the unidentified ones).
Thus, it's a bug only if these particular seeds have been identified and then revert.


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Happens while trying to identify to observe this message (or so): "You are not confident of recognize this plant all the time".

Perhaps It can be a bug (Some developer might check it) or, instead, Take it as if you believe they are sorrel and yarrow but you are not completely sure. As Palu said, keep exploring the seeds, keep checking them. Soon enough you'll be 100% sure of what type of plant they are from.