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... and i don't know what valuable item can i craft in order to use it for trading? For example, what can i make to be able to buy a bow and arrows? I see that fishes are worthless, wooden bowls too.


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Bowls are not actually bad, it's a decent, relatively simple-to-make trade good, and it trains your carpentry skill.

The queen of trade if however the Fox Trap. Same value of a Board but much more lightweight. The con is that you have to (most of these apply to bowls too, to be honest):

* fall tree
* split trunk into boards
* make traps from boards (one by one)
* if I recall correctly, it trains the trapper skill instead of carpentry (it may actually be good for you..)

It takes some time. After you get good enough, however, it's practically a game breaker. Buy a cow or bull when you can, then make a lot of those, then go to Driik and buy masterwork stuff. Enjoy.

PS: I have the actual trade values but can't access them now. On the old forum you can find spreadsheets with values.


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a simpler way is to make boards near village, as you can't cut tree in village

making fox traps takes much longer and carrying boards is much faster


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From diving through the object files:  bowls are worth 3.2, boards, fox-traps and arrows 8.  I usually play a game modded with birch-bark crafting, so I often make birch-bark shoes (16) and caps (8) for trade. Pike, salmon, and trout are worth a bit (4-9) but the other fish aren't.  Shortbows are a good way to use excess cords, they're worth 40.  Cuts vary between animals, but they're on the order of 1 per, worth more if cooked or preserved.  (So a single stag can get you enough for a new axe if you're quick about processing the meat and carrying it for trade.)  Furs are worth a fair bit --- even the lowly hare fur is worth 16, and squirrels 8, so if you can reliably make decent hides, some loop snares are worth the investment.  Stags furs are worth 200, so on top of the meat, hunting is quite a good way to get trade goods.

Axes cost in the hundreds, knives are cheaper (small knives are 24, simple knife is 6, other types more expensive).  Pots are 224, they always take a while to afford.  Fishing rods are cheap (4) but nets are not (144).  Simple clothing is in the hundreds, and combat arms and armor are the most expensive, over a thousand for some things.


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I almost forgot how to play this game. I wasn't playing it many years. Now my memory is back and i use my classic way: i hire a villager with good inventory, we go out out of village and then i kill him :)
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Fish is not worthless. At least of course you can only fish what your body needs to eat and nothing more.

With fishes i've bought a nice fishing pole, net, hand axe... And now i'm really close to either a pot or a perfect net.

If you are patient enough you can slowly get the good you need by the means of fishing.

"Alright, you've got 3 nets, that's easier"

Yes, easier for sure. But imagine you can fish some puonds per day extra than what you need for your stomach.
Trade them for simple things (smoked food, an arrow, a leather rope, etc).

Not only you'll have useful things in case of need (salted meat, bandages, etc) but as well will you have some goods that now can gather togheter to buy that thing you want. Even if it is a Gigantic Bear Fur. Trade first all for a spear... trade them for a pot, then do the same again...

Finally, if you want to become a nice crafter. Then try crafting. Go ahead. Failure is part of becoming a good Crafter (or hunter, or warrior, or anything you want to be)

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...Then we'll realize"

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... and i don't know what valuable item can i craft in order to use it for trading? For example, what can i make to be able to buy a bow and arrows? I see that fishes are worthless, wooden bowls too.

Most items need big stacks to be worth anything in the range of bows and arrows. It's simply because bows and arrows are expensive, and most crafted items are not. Additionally, crafted clothes have only 20% of original value. Actually, arrows (normal, not blunt ones) are one of the more expensive things you can craft easily. Ten standard arrows (or ten summer squirrel pelts) cost the same as one standard quality longbow, which is quite a decent weapon.

If you don't have enough cords, then making primitive bow is better. One primitive bow cost 16 units, the same as two arrows, and making it uses single cord, and a small tree. Don't make shortbows - making them takes ages, and you would be better selling the food you consumed in the same time...

Still, probably the best solution in the beginning is making boards. If you see a village with fallen log/tree in it (happens sometimes), you can use it to make boards in place. One board costs 8, the same as squirrel pelt and an arrow. Boards are heavy as hell, but since you are making them in place, you should be able to trade it. You may want to bring them to the house where the intended bow lies, and wait for a villager to come nearby, before picking it all up (in tranches, if necessary) and trading.

By the way, two torches are enough to buy a cord from a villagers. Or collect around 25 fistfuls of berries (some less, some more) and buy a cord with it.

As for fishes, standard quality roasted pike costs about 5.79 bucks, so you need two to buy an arrow. Dried pike costs slightly above 8 bucks, enough for an arrow, but you'll probably start with roasted ones. Roasted trout costs more than an arrow, so it's quite expensive, but it's probably wiser to eat it instead.

For meat, the lowest quality meat (I mean low nutrition, not badly cooked), when roasted, costs about 0.8 bucks per pound, while the best meat, i.e. bear, costs about 1.9 bucks per pound. Most big animals, when roasted, cost about 1.2 per pound, making it a better trade than boards weight-wise - but you need to kill the prey first, and then roast it and bring to the village quite quickly, before it spoils. Most trade I do is from meat and weapon/armour taken from enemies, with furs reserved for travelling merchants. Making items is not profitable in the long run.