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He decided to do a long trip, perhaps from the northern areas to the southern coast (or viceversa). As the resources he got were quite few (some nice clothes, few tools, no food. Travelling light) everytime he had covered a nice portion of land, there he went biulding a shelter and settling several light lever traps. Once the belly got full enough, and the strenghts raised back, he then kept walking miles and miles again. Not without before disable all the traps.

Happent in the middle of the way that the tiredness and the low energy was strongly asking him to settle for a while. Shelter, rest, and the several ligth lever traps settled around. Seven in this spot, twelve there, five here and other eight over there.
Days went by, and no single hare nor bird captured. Patiently he tried to hunt some small games around while giving more chances to the traps. And yet, no single slice of meat to roast...

After quite a fair number of sunrises he kept going on the journey. He hadn't eaten in all that time, so he wasn't going to take the effort to disable every single trap he had settled before to keep hitting the road.

Here comes the thing. He had already left behind several forests and mountains when a feeling cought him during night time. Even starvation beeing around the corner, he went back to disable them all. And even if he knows the world sometimes has no explainations, he felt the Spirits smiling at him for his actions once he was there in the shelter, near a fire, eating the roasted preys the woods conceed to him.

"When All the rivers get poisoned....
...Then we'll realize"


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Nice story... it's always good to disable unused traps. :)